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A mini Commodore 64 is coming. Would you buy it?

Apparently, we’ll get this thing:

I’m not really sure to understand this whole “mini” trend.

Article about it:

(It drives me crazy when people call the C64 or the Amiga “consoles”. They were no freaking consoles, they were computers.)

Official website with all the information:

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The official website says:

Note: The keyboard keys are non-functional

You have to plug in a USB keyboard to use the computer as… a computer. What’s the point of miniaturizing a C64 if it becomes non-functional?

I read and watched some articles and reviews about it.
To me, it seems a bullshit”, like the Three Three used to say.

In other words, it’s not worth it.

The keyboard is not working. You can plug an USB keyboard, and use the internal VICE emulator to program, like the old days.
There are 64 games pre-loaded, and you can’t (but rumors say it is possible anyway) load other game roms.
There is a HDMI output, so you can watch your 8-bit graphic in full-HD definition :no_mouth:

I am a big fan of C64, I own two models of it, and it’s for this reason that I wouldn’t buy thing like that.

But what is it?

Is it some kind of Arduino or Raspberry Pi board inside a fake non-functional C64 chassis, running a C64 emulator?

If so, what’s the difference between this thing and a C64 emulator?

Here is a porn image, the C64 mini naked :slight_smile:

The system is based on Linux.
The board is a single board custom produced by Olimex.


It´s pretty much preordered as soon as it´s preorderable.

Argggh, why is it red and not green?! :grimacing:

Because it’s porn :upside_down_face:


So… it’s basically the same as my Raspberry Pi with RetroPie and Vice on it.

Not gonna buy it.

If only the Vice emulator on RetroPie would skip loading times…

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People keep saying that and forget about the shady legal status of ROMS (not everything is officiallly abandonware). This thing is official as far as I know and owning the games this way is definitly legitimate.

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Nope, there is no C= mark on it, not even on the keyboard.
It’s not a product licensed by Commodore.

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I don’t like it.

I can understand providing a console emulator inside a miniaturized chassis, but to me it doesn’t make sense that they miniaturized a computer making its integrated keyboard non-functional.

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That´s a shame every single article I read about it said that it was. The Atari Flashback is official and so are the Nintendo Minis but among those wanting to join in on the market are also Sega Console manufactures who are also third party providers (and that Sega thing really doesn´t look any good).

It´s for people who wan´t nothing but play games I guess. But that of course automatically excludes all games that need keyboard input. So in that aspect it indeed is a bit weird. I´m actually still torn about the idea in general.

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There’s no Maniac Mansion or Zak on it. I don’t see any reason to buy it!


The funny thing is that excludes all games that are movie/tv/comic based.

People complained about the NES mini that it didn´t have Ducktails on it and about the SNES mini that it doesn´t have Turtles In Time. They in fact have no licensed games at all. I wonder if those (based on movies or TV) are much more expensive than licenscing games from third party developers like Konami and Capcom (which both have a few games on both consoles) which are their original IPs (Like Ghosts n Goblins or Gryzor).

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It would be more historically accurate if the purchasers of this thing wouldn’t care about the legal status of games exactly like the original C64 owners didn’t care about copying the s##t out of the entire gaming industry.

I have also noticed that the 64 games provided with this thing don’t include any kind of adventure game. I can understand text adventure games, but a graphical PnC adventure game would have been nice.

I assume that the included games were those that didn’t cost too much in terms of licenses.


With that dimension, a keyboard in the shape of the original one would be pretty unusable, also it would cost a lot of money to reproduce one in miniature that works. It’s just a nice case.

Heeeeey! Being naked is not porn!
Or were you probably referring to plugs into sockets? :smile:


Whaaa?!? And I thought those beaches in the German Democratic Republic were Porn Beaches?!?

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Too bad you tought so and lost the chance to try then… :wink:


That’s the first thing I checked in the games list! :joy:

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It will always be in the lists that matter, though!

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