Commodore 64 / MEGA65 conversion

Starting this thread basically to probe interest for an adaptation of Thimbleweed Park to a true 8-bit machine. Of course it’s out on a limb but that’s all the more reason to probe interest. There’s all kinds of reasons not to do it but if there’s a substantial demand (however niche) and Ron and Gary would be willing to license the IP (and only ever spend time on reviewing the final version, if any) then this could actually work. We’re talking a demake of course and anticipate major implement-from-scratch with respect to the underlying engine.

I’m personally involved in the MEGA65 project with a bunch of people to launch a true old-school 8-bit machine that resembles the never released Commodore 65 albeit running at no less than a whopping 48 Mhz (LOL!) and we’re looking to invest quality time in a great launch software line-up. Thimbleweed Park would be a perfect fit for the platform.

Lemme know what you guys think!



I honestly thought this would happen faster. So far I´ve only seen this mockup(with a SID version of the Quickie Pal Theme):

While I´m not sure about entire game, I would at least love to hear SID versions of all the tunes (most of all Tuna Head)