So thankful that TP was a day 1 release for Linux!

Thank you a million times Ron.

I have done my best to spread the word about Thimbleweed Park for Linux, gifted it to Steam pal etc.

How many other Linux gamers here in support for our choice of platform towards this wonderful game? :slight_smile:


Right ! Thanks again for your support :slight_smile:

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I don’t use Linux (only tried it a while during the 90s) but I’m happy to see the general love for other platforms than just Windows. I’ve become a Mac nerd the past few years and ideally I’d like to see as many titles as possible released for it.

I went Linux-only after last upgrading my PC, over a year and a half ago, though I have been using it for the past 20 years. I certainly appreciate when stuff I like supports it, though I am also happy to disregard anything that doesn’t :wink:.

In case of TWP, I wasn’t a backer, but purchased on day one. Also likely to get a boxed copy, should one become available to non-backers for a reasonable price.

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Many thanks from me too. Also, thanks for releasing the game on GOG. Not having to use steam is wonderful.


Seconded! A good fun game with first class Linux support. You have my money!

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It’d be interesting if anyone from the team can disclose percentages of owners per platform.

Also, Ron mentioned that the Linux dev said that the game runs in a Raspberry Pi with a few tweaks… I guess the similar tweaks that will be needed for it to run on Android devices, so it doesn’t use all the 1GB of RAM (minus the GPU memory) limit that the Pi3 has.

The tweaks are mostly supporting OpenGL ES. Those changes are being made for mobile, so we might be able to do something. There is NO money to be made from the Raspberry Pi, so it’s more about doing something cool when we have time.

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I am a huge fan of the raspberry pi, have 5 of them and actually use them… And honestly, i wouldn’t be playing TP in it more than 5 minutes, and just because it’s cool. So spending 0 time in supporting it seems like a good decision :slight_smile:

Despite that, i remember that the first thing i did on my Rpi2 to test its multicore capabilities was compiling Redis and playing Monkey Island 1 on ScummVM. True story.

I’m super thankful for this as well!

Props to Joost Peters for his work on the Linux version and to Terrible Toybox for being open to pursuing it :penguin: