Can someone please tell me when this is dropping on Android?

Thought it was going to be that first release date but nope. Was legit excited and then major letdown. Ever since I swear I’ve been checking like every other day and I can’t find anything. Starting to drive me crazy. Any idea when it’ll be?

(Did a search for “Android” on here and basically came up empty.)

iOS and Android will release at the same time. We’re still working on the port, maybe a month. Maybe two.

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Is it out for ios, but not reachable from the google play store? I think the date is close, isn’t it? I really want to play this game on my tablet! Ehmm…do you need any beta testers? ( me! me! Choose me! )

It’s not out on iOS, they will be released within a few days of each other. We will be asking for Android beta testers soon. Watch these forums.


What iOS version will be required to install the game?

It appears to be in the Apple App Store.

If Android will take a while longer, is there a way we can sign up to get notified when it is released? For instance a mailing list.

Now I just happen to be reminded of this awesome game in the news occasionally and remember to go to to check. A bit of a lossy process.


Are you sure about this? I can’t find it and there has not been any announcement nor news about it.

I assume that the developers will update their development blog when they will release the mobile versions. You can go to the blog and subscribe to ThimbleMail, which will send you a mail when a new blog post is published.

An alternative would be to use the email notification settings of this forum, but they are a bit complex and I’m not sure how I would use them.

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Same applies for Android.

PS4 and Switch have release dates now. No word yet on when TwP is gonna hit the arcades (or vice versa for that matter).

It’s in the Mac App Store, but not on the iOS App Store. Beware of people selling scam iOS apps. We hope to release it in Sept, but that is just a guess.

Subscribed to the blog updates. Thanks for having a Linux port, too. That is a small group of users… but we greatly appreciate it.


Get it now on Google Play!

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