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The iOS edition of Thimbleweed Park is out (and apparently it has already been patched once). If you purchase a copy (which you should!) don’t forget to rate it! Also, make sure to write a review that invites users to play it.

So far it has a 5-star rating out of 23 users. I hope it keeps un rising up the ranks! :+1:



Who leaves less than 5 stars, is a purple tentacle.


Actually there is already one 4-Star-Rating in the German iOS App Store. The user says that Thimbleweed Park is an awesome game but that he can only give 4 Stars because iCloud Support is missing. He wrote that he want’s to have his savegames synched between his iPad and iPhone so that he can continue playing on his iPhone when he commutes to work in the morning.

OK, forgiven.

It’s been a couple of days now and only 24 users have rated the game?

How many have bought it?

The number of ratings seems to be counted by region. For example I can see 31 ratings in the German App-Store. I tried to rate the game, too when I bought it. However, for an unknown reason my rating doesn’t get saved. It doesn’t matter how often I press the save button, nothing happens :frowning:

For comparison:

So far, two. Still waiting for my father to visit next week so I can show him the game before buying him a copy.

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Well that kinda sucks…

Mine took a full 24 hours to show. I don’t know if they require moderation.

Only if you exclude the reviews of those people who have not purchased the game on Steam. All Steam reviews are actually 1,299.

Did the rating dialog close when you pressed the save button? For me it stays open until I press cancel

Ah, I see. In my case, it did close. It seems as if you have a problem there. Are you logged into the iTunes thing?

Here is my review of Thimbleweed Park:

Thank you for watching! :delores:

Ah, pues eres español, ¡que bien!

Gracias por compartir el vínculo, me he disfrutado mucho su análisis. :+1:


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Me alegra enormemente que te haya gustado el análisis, agradecería cualquier comentario en el vídeo. Perdona por contestar tan tarde pero hacía tiempo que no entraba por aquí, un saludo enorme!!!