Can we talk about the Thimbleweed Park Intro?

Ha! That’s great! :smile:

I believe it’s exactly the opposite! Thanks for sharing.

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Pennsylvania? Ah, well the loud minorities…

I guess the person wanted a warning sticker since those were the latest rage for music records back then.

So did you respond?

I´d be interested if he fulfilled his responsiblities to warn others.
Did he write a comic (an Updyke Tract?), have public burnings of Zak copies?
Was he promised a slot on Geraldo?
Why got people distracted by stuff like the crumbeling of the soviet union instead of focusing on important stuff like this!

Satanism?! In Zak McKracken?!
Hey David, did you hide an Easter egg in Zak McKracken that I have not discovered yet, after 30 years?? :joy:

Well, I can’t imagine what he could say if he played Thimbleweed Park…


I leave @Calypso with the posts above :wink: and get back on-topic:

Yes, but just because the game forced me to do this.

Yes, indeed. I missed a “real” intro. I had the same “problem” in “Chuchel”, btw.

Just to clarify: I don’t need the credits, but in this special case the intro sequence had a -hm- “odd” dramaturgy - in my(!) opinion.

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People used to think Elvis made “the devil´s music” so maybe it was the presence of the king. :man_shrugging:

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We published the letter in the Lucasfilm Games Fan Magazine! Probably thanked him for his concern.


Aha, that’s where I read it! (Recently, because although being a big Lucasfilm games fan, I never owned a single one of these fan magazines, ironically)

The answer was “But have you tried playing it bacwkards?” :slight_smile:


Interesting… that’s a pretty heavy lock. And there is barely any wind (like you said).

That’s fantastic!! Good catch!

Perfect! You found the original! I remember Googling the guy some time ago, and he was for real. And the answer to his letter was perfect. Let me know if you don’t know the reference.


Yes, but the signals were strong that night.


You can find all of them here:


Being electro-magnetic signals, that actually makes sense!

I bet when you play Zak McKracken (or Kaz NekcarkCm) backwards it must say something like this:

It wouldn’t be a TWP post if it didn’t get off topic. :smiley:

It could be that the larger surface area of the gate is what’s being gently blown in the wind providing just enough movement to rattle the lock and chain

Though I do like the electromagnetic idea

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Especially since the red light is flashing in a periodic (the same?) fashion too. If it were on the whole time, the lock would just point one direction (balanced only by gravity)

In reality, I think a full screen animation was too expensive and a cutscene with actors, not introduced yet, not very effective (it is a semi deserted town after all). Probably the initial trials proved too static, so the lock is just adding some movement. Could have equally been some paper blown along the highway, or trash being thrown out of a car - which would make a nice transition to the opening scene with Boris.

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So after all the talk, I decided today to make a “Title Sequence” for TWP, hope you enjoy it.


If you look at the bushes by the Bridge, you’ll see that some of them are also blowing in the breeze, so maybe there was wind all along…