Fan-Made TWP title sequence

I was doing nothing today and after another topic I started in general, I decided to make my own Title Sequence for Thimbleweed Park.

Using in game screenshots, edited in GIMP, and all put together in iMovie.

I was trying to do it In the style of Monkey Island 2.

I have included the “cold open” already in the game, and my sequence starts at 3:15 into the video, it is nothing special, but it was fun making it.

Hope you enjoy it.


It´s really really great. The pacing is right, the animations, the choosen pictures. It´s fantastic.

But it´s a bit too many names leaving nothing for the ending credits. The way it is it´s a bit like a movie credit scene from before the late 1960s where they packed everything into the opening credits and had no ending credits (well actually not everything, the reason for the full credits being tacked onto the endings was to be able to shore more names, actually).

But yeah, I would like it more with those opening credits than without.


The 17000 backers, perhaps?

Personally, if there’d been an intro, I would have preferred something similar to DOTT. Some kind of animated sequence that not only shows the most prominent names, but also tells a story that is relevant to the game. Maybe the agents arriving in town, or some such.

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Thanks a lot =D

I was thinking that myself alright, but I just said “what the hell” and went the whole 9 yards :joy: But I totally understand, fewer smaller names to save for the end credits.

I agree, sadly though my animation skills are… limited… to say the least. :sweat_smile: I would also have to try capture Mark/Octavi’s style of art backgrounds and my pixel skills are also… limited!

I agree. It’s not something that can be easily gimped from a couple of in-game screens for sure. Btw., like that you used GIMP. My favourite underrated paint program.

Also, thinking twice, I guess an intro like Indy3 would be even better. While I like how dynamic and funny the DOTT intro is, a simpler side-scrolling scene might be a much better match for TWP. (A bus driving along the road that leads from the bridge to town, but with some of the sights in the background).

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I second this. :slight_smile: Great work @dangerouslee.

Hm… Wouldn’t that too much “animation” for the setting. We have seen a murder and I’m not sure if (even a slow) animation would be suitable. The slow static screens in @dangerouslee’s intro might be better. But…

… this could work also…

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Thanks :delores:

Yeah GIMP is awesome!! It’s open source and just as good as photoshop, you can even do grid pixel art with it! I love it!

That would be definitely interesting to see, I wish my animation knowledge was a little better, I would love to see a load of different types of intros

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Krita is also worth a mention (even if it’s more focused on drawing and painting).

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Nice work! (And it must have cost you a bit of time to make too)

The intro is just too long. I’d cut it before the voice actors and skip straight ahead to Steve Kirk. Off course that means you need to edit the music, or have it continue over the agents dialogue.
I also think closeups (like the first one with the title of the game on a part of the map) would be better and less spoiler-ish of game locations.
Also, the intro would need to be between the 1987 and part one title screens, as it literally interrupts the game as it is now.

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I think all your points are definitely good ones, the idea of cutting from Kirk to the voice actors with the music continuing under them is a cool idea

I can also see how some of the images could be spoiler-esque but I would also say that most people wouldn’t take the images in very strongly on a first viewing.

Also I don’t believe it interrupts the game, (for me anyway) because “Part 1” to me is a prologue that sets up the story, similar to Monkey 2 and it’s even better than the Monkey 2 prologue cause it allows a bit of play time, then the intro (if it was something like mine) allows time to reflect on what just went down with Boris getting whacked.

Regardless it’s all just a little fun hypothetical cinematic intro in the vein of previous games in the genre.

Thanks for watching and sharing your views :grinning:


Holy crap this is awesome! You really did that with just a few basic softwares? You are very good indeed.

I also noticed there were a bit too much names, opening credits have less names than the end credits. I also thought it was a pity you put the map in the credits because it kinda spoils the pleasure of discovering it in-game. The first time you see the map is when you realize the game is much bigger than you first expected. Maybe you could put a screenshot of the voodoo shop or the Tron machines in the coroner’s office.

The dark blue colour you put everywhere is awesome and gives a lot of ambiance.

I like where you put the intro, just after Boris is killed, it comes straight after the big hit on his head, it’s very efficient. I don’t think you should move it anywhere else.

Thank you so much, yes just using simple programs. You can do a lot with a little, all you need is time.

You’re absolutely right, I went a little overboard with the amount of names :sweat_smile:

I think you’re right about the map as well, the voodoo shop would look great, or maybe the toilet roll :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for watching and for all your comments! Glad you liked the “blue”

That was wonderful.

In the other topic we talked about how title credits made us anticipate the game more. To look forward to pleasure is also a pleasure, isn’t it? Well, this intro would have worked. Its style reminded me of Monkey Island 2, while I was watching it I was imagining how I’d have felt one year ago. Veeeery nice.

Of course it’s a bit too long and you had to re-use all end credits to put text on it, but I like to think that if such a title sequence had been planned, Steve Kirk would have written a slightly shorter intro music.

Even professional journalists are using iMovie for their video reportages. And why not? :slight_smile: You can get fast professional looking results.

Yes! I liked especially the sequences where you have used single objects, for example the tubes from the foreground. They don’t reveal too much and make the player curious.

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This is excellent. I was REALLY missing such an opening when I started the game. You knon Ron et al didn’t get that people like me litterally listened to the soundtrack / watched the trailers hundreds of time during the kickstarting period - and i purchased the very day (the very minute, really) the game was released on GOG. So, this “cold start” with no “title sequence” and especially without the superb song that you don’t get to hear that often during the game was a bit of a disappointment. Your balance to keep the cold start + to make the title sequence between parts I and II is really great, and I think it should be in the game’s future release / in Ron’s next game.
I hope they make a new one soon, I am longing btw…


Finally got round to watching this. I agree with the others – it’s pretty cool :slight_smile: I especially like how it kicks in straight after the dead body with the ‘A Terrible Toybox production’ line. It ‘creeps in’ with the music perfectly.

I’m still not a huge fan of having all the credits at the beginning (I was getting a bit bored waiting for the game to start), but that’s a personal thing as we established in the other thread.


Yes, I agree, it’s a little bit too long - but @dangerouslee has “confessed” that already: :wink:

I know that, I read all the replies. Just putting in my thoughts too.

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