Thimbleweed Park Tales

I’ve recently re-discovered Maniac Mansion Mania after many years (TWP sparked my desire to replay old classics and fan made games) and I can’t help thinking how awesome would it be to have something similar going on for TWP.

Since dreaming is (still) free, my vision would be to have an official launcher embedded in the TWP main menu (similar to the Maniac Mansion Mania launcher, but it would have to come from the devs of course).

If succesfull this would give TWP a much longer life-time and perhaps even increase the game sales tail (since you would legally need TWP to play the fan made stories).

My questions:

  1. How many of you fine patrons of this forum would be willing to write short stories with TWP assests?

  2. Is anyone here involved with the MMM project? If so, can you provide some insight of what would be involved in an endeavour like this?


I would love to write new stories, but I haven’t enough spare time to do that. So even if it would be possible to write new episodes, I can’t help.

I’m not. :slight_smile:

Probably could find the time but am hilariously underqualified.

Not me.

That is sometimes an asset. Greatest example is Birdemic: Shock and Terror. It’s so bad that it’s good :smiley: (I urge you to watch it if you haven’t done so yet)

There are so many ideas being thrown on this forum regularly that even if you don’t have the time you would still be collaborating :slight_smile:

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I think I´ve seen the Rifftrax version.

I did not know about that project, looks nice.

I don’t know if I’ll ever have the time, but since getting back to develop adventure games is one of my resolutions for 2018, count me in :smiley: