Canceled/Unused room of MI2 (and other P'n'C games)

So I found this piece of unused background art on my regular Monkey Island searches on the net, painted by the amazing Peter Chan for MI2

I have never seen it myself before, and I wondered where in MI2 this game would have been placed? Was it supposed to be part of the famous underground tunnels?

Maybe @RonGilbert could shed some light, if he wasn’t too busy?

It also got me thinking about other possible unused and cancelled rooms in Monkey Island 2, if there was anymore?

It also got me thinking, how many other classic point and click adventures we all love and play have unused rooms that never saw the light of day?


Mhhhh, looks a bit like… :thinking:


It sure does and that room even requires a pirate hat to succeed!

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Wouldn’t those be the maintenance tunnels or is that too obvious? :slight_smile:

The notes say “blur backround”.

But why does it have such a late date?

Well it has 2 dates, one hand written by Chan in 91, the other then being 92… I’m not sure if it’s significance…

Yeah, the 91 is for July 17 which would be 5 months before release and February 92 would even be after release.

I don’t remember this. Maybe it’s from DotT?


On the bottom right it says “Project: MI2” (at least it looks more like an I than a second M to me).

The second date is when the archiving stamp was put. I have seen it for other games too. I’m not even sure if that date in 92 is Peter Chan’s handwriting, you could compare the 9 and 1s and 2s with other drawings to be sure. If it isn’t, that could explain it is from another game.
DoTT, as Ron suggested, sounds very reasonable seeing the skewed perspectives.

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The style don’t fit the DOTT style. DOTT is much more comic-like and has less details:

The DOTT project was named “Maniac 2” and the concept drawings are from 1992.


Google says this:

“This is the original version of the underground tunnel linking Rum Rogers’ cottage to Phatt Island proper. It’s much more elaborate, but was ultimately cut. The final game saves disk space by reusing the underground tunnels from the end sequence.”


Indiana Jones IV has some of them:

In Loom they cut a room from the glass world, but I can’t find the art at the moment. More unused graphics for Loom are on this websites:

Concept art with unused rooms for The Dig are here:

You’ll find more stuff for other adventure games at this website:

For example The Putt-Putt series, the King’s Quest series or the Space Quest series.


That settles that one I think! =) Nice find!

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Wow, just noticed this (in SQ4):

Vocab.900 contains a list of vocabulary that would have been used along with the parser. However, midway through development, Sierra forced the developers to use the point-and-click interface.

Didn’t realise that SQ4 was initially planned as a parser-driven game. Would kinda love to play it with a parser. :slight_smile:

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