SPOILER Thread For RtMI!

This is the place to talk about the RtMI explanation of MI2’s ending, as well as other game spoiler stuff.
If you don’t want to be spoiled, please DO NOT continue reading.

The MI2 ending explanation in RtMI was better than I expected, so glad it wasn’t all a dream.
And it really didn’t occur to me that little Guybrush and Chucky are actually Guybrush’s own children
what do you think?

Well now we know why the art style was chosen! All the characters except Guybrush, Elaine, and Stan are literally cardboard cut outs in a theme park.


didn’t get to play last night so still at the part in my above post.

I’m wondering where you all are getting stuck, if at all? I did have to use the book a couple times to just straight up tell me what to do, but there were design things that messed me up I think.

One was in chapter two and the other in chapter three, I think.

Chapter 2:

When I needed to figure out the theme song, the favorite food, and the catchphrases I had everything I needed. And I figured out which catchphrase was the right one. And yet, the box was checked off for favorite food and theme song, but not for catchphrase. This made me think the box should be checked off for the catchphrase. but it wasn’t. So I kept trying things to trigger the box being checked. Nothing did it. So finally I went through all the hints for it, and there was no new information. So I just went to the meeting without the box checked, got the answer right and that was that.

Chapter three

For the favorite food, I had seen and interacted with a tentacle creature I believe during the walk from the ship to the shore. So that’s what I went looking for. But I couldn’t find the thing. I think that you can’t get to that screen again, now? But anyway I completely bypassed and didn’t notice another tentacle creature because I was so sure this was the one I needed. And because I couldn’t find it again I resorted to hints, only to find out there was another squid on a beach.

I completed the game, it was amazing, but I still have to understand what I’ve seen :slight_smile:

and reconcile the ending with the beginning…


Wow, I didn’t realize there were so many different endings depending on what you choose in the end: The Creators & Team Behind Return to Monkey Island Talk Storytelling & Game Design • Lucasfilm

Hmm. I wonder what choices. Like the dialogue choices in the last scene?

I never got the t-shirt. What was that from?

You didn’t open the chest? :slight_smile:

nope. I tried some things to open it, it didn’t open, and at that point I was like fine whatever. I think I did a save right as that section startedd so I could probably go back and open it.

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Oh Jesus how did I miss that.


This. Also, you can get the key or not, open the chest or not, talk to Elaine or go back through the door. You’ll get different post-credits scenes depending of your choice.

I also heard, and this a small spoiler if you want to discover it by yourself by doing a second playthrough, that there is a secret island in part 4. I don’t know if it adds anything to the story. I’m trying to find it, right now.

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interesting. My post credit scene was a banana balancing on a log. I have no idea what it’s meant to signify.

I did the exact same thing on my first go, I only got the t-shirt once I had gone back to my saved game and looked around more.
On the first go I was so despondent from seeing it was a theme park I didn’t bother looking for a key to open it, I went straight to Elaine hoping that she’d take me back to the “real” game and a proper ending.

You had the same ending I’ve got. :slight_smile:
It’s if you choose that the Secret is whatever you want it to be. Guybrush says something about a rock and a banana, I don’t remember the exact quote, but it’s related to that.

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I chose that the secret is the friends you make along the way, which resulted in a post credit scene with chuckie and the young girl from the intro, my most reviled section of the game.

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So Guybrush is really just a flooring inspector…
Why is he so shocked to find out he’s in an amusement park? Is this a Beautiful Mind situation?

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I got the impression he’s not all there mentally… Elaine seems to be speaking to him in a certain sort of way, I saw someone on reddit say “Guybrush then sits alone on the bench like some hobo, waiting for the next hallucinations to hit him.”


I replayed it, and it seems to me he’s mostly shocked that everything is over, not that he’s in an amusement park. He didn’t expect his adventure to finish that soon.

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