Chuck Edmund wandering around. When?

On earlier TWP trailers, you could see Chuck Edmund wandering around inside and outside the pillow factory.
We know, in the final release, that he is dead and he’s only visible through the monitor screens.

How was planned to be used Chuck Edmund, in earlier stage of development?

I would assume that these scenes were only made for the trailers. They show the time before Chuck’s dead.

Maybe. Specifically, I am talking about the Delores’ trailer:

I was so looking forward to let Delores vomit fire into the pentagramm in the secret room after viewing this. :frowning:

Eheh, it would have been really funny, but Delores should have turned on all the candles, using the hot sauce several times in different positions.
Hence the solution of a magical light switch that lights up all the candles! :delores:


Based on the trailers, I thought that Dolores would have killed Chuck (almost wrote LeChuck there) by accident when pushing the red button…
And that the big huh moment when they open the door to the factory would be discovering he was just alive and well hiding in the factory.

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I think it was confirmed here that the trailers were intentionally done with scenes not possible in the game, to avoid spoilers.

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Btw. I’m really glad I didn’t watch any of the trailers before completing the game!

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I was looking forward to the joke being set up in one of the trailers, at the secret meeting with “so, before we start, no feds around here?” and everyone turning back to Ray and Reyes.
I was disappointed especially because it really feels like a puzzle to solve: smuggle the agents in the secret meeting (even without that trailer, the hints are obvious). Perhaps this was one of the parts were areas were blocked to enter by certain characters to save on dialogue late in the project (like Ransome not wanting to enter the cemetary).
Perhaps it is in the latest patch? Time for a replay…


Me too! I was also disappointed. I really thought I missed something in the game or did something wrong. :slight_smile: