Scripted trailers

@RonGilbert, Just a curiosity I noticed in several of the trailers that there are situations I couldn’t replicated in the game. Few I recall right now:

  1. Ransome in the Occult Bookstore
  2. Chuck walking to his Pillow Factory
  3. Ray & Rayes in the Sekrit Bunker

Is that because the trailer were scripted, and they were not actual gameplay?

Exactly. The last time Ron discussed this topic was on the following blog post (section “Launch trailers”):

I just re-watched all the trailers, and there is quite a lot more of that sort. Here is what I noticed.

Trailer 2:

  • Ray at the trampoline

Video Teaser:

  • Pidgeon Brothers walking the highway

Available Now:

  • Many lines taken from a different scene

Launch Trailer:

  • Ray and Rayes at the seckrit meeting
  • Chainsaw usage at the puddle room
  • Ransome in the occult book store
  • Delores using the Facetron 3000
  • Again, many lines taken from a different scene

Ray Trailer:

  • Bank manager gone (might be due to a re-designed puzzle, as there is also a woman at the counter.)

Ransome Trailer:

  • Chuck walking in the Mansion library and entry hall
  • Nobody is in the tube shop
  • Ransome alone in the pillow factory entrance
  • Ransome at the sign still reading “Pop 81”

Delores Trailer:

  • Chuck walking to the pillow factory and inside it
  • Delores using the 3 Crimetrons
  • Missing NPC’s at Thimblecon
  • Xavier just standing inside the penthouse
  • Delores breathing fire in the lit altar room.
  • Ray at the trampoline
  • Franklin (as ghost) in the pillow factory

All in common:

  • Most actions shown are performed without the UI available.

Not counting unfinished art and inventory clutter, as those are obviously due to the unfinished state rather than trailer scripting. The most interesting thing to notice here is the ladder instead of the drinking fountain in the hotel lobby, though. I wonder if that has something to do with a re-designed puzzle.