Chuck Edmund's Lost Treasures

Maybe everyone don’t knows that the pillow tycoon Chuck Edmund secretly kept a “Gaming Room” in his library that can be accessed by triggering a complex mechanism hidden behind: “2.8, The Immoral Wildlife” one of the many books that make up his immense library . I got into this secret room and made a wonderful discovery. We all know that Chuck Edmund was a graphic adventure gamer, we read that in his diary, but we didn’t know that he was also an avid gamer. It was his habit, after reach 100% completion, to decorate his Gaming Room with memorabilia or medals related to the game just completed. Over the long years of his career Chuck has amassed a huge treasure. In the next few days I will show you the first of these treasures, probably by early next week.

In the meantime, I would talk about another wonderful discovery. A system flaw, generated by a Thimbleweed Park’s recovery disk bug, gave me the opportunity to activate a super secret communication channel with a former PillowTronics employee. (whose identity will remain secret for security reasons). In this Thread I will publish, in addition to the treasures of Chuck Edmund, also all the leaks that come from the metaverse (regenerated from the recovery disk) of Thimblewedd Park.

If you are wondering why I do this the answer is here

  • Thimbleweed Park (regenerated Metaverse) LEAKS #01

Trasmissione originale :it:
La storia di come Ray, Reyes, Delores e Ransome spezzano il loop del disco di ripristino.
Ransome: “Vaffa* BEEP * tu e i tuoi * BEEP *uti Leaks”

translated transmission :us:
The story of how Ray, Reyes, Delores and Ransome break the recovery disk loop.
Ransome: “* BEEP *off you and your * BEEP *ed Leaks”


I really love that Ransome drawing :smiley:


This is also an opportunity to speculate on the next Terryble Toybox project, what is your idea?

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I don’t know about Guga’s idea, but mine is:

this: Time Fly docs?

plus this: Lego Report 8

So basically a game in which you can travel in time and space troughout four or five eras, from prehistory to future, passing by ancient Rome and the Coliseum.
An interesting way to make a game which seems a lot bigger in the same amount of rooms, because there’s a lot of travelling and changes in day/night setting.
Just the opposite of TWP, in which the action happened all in one night.


What about the Flashbacks? :wink:

Actually I don’t have a clue what it could be. (I hope that he is implementing his “Lobots” idea! :smiley: ).

Don’t get me wrong, my words about the one night story are all but a critic to TWP; they are just an observation. The flashbacks happen in a different time, but basically the unity of time and space is preserved (flashbacks are like “in-games”, limited bubbles into the main game). The design choice for TWP was inspired by the settings of Maniac Mansion, which is a one night story too (in turn inspired by movies of the eighties, as many of you in TWP dev blog taught me).

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I don’t read it as a critic. :slight_smile: But …

… I don’t agree with this. :wink: In TWP the flashbacks are long (relatively), especially the Delores part. The atmosphere and the visuals of the game have a “dark” tone, yes. But I hadn’t the feeling that the game took place/happend in one night.

Maybe you’re right. I don’t remeber exactly all the passages of the game, for example now I’m thinking about Ray and Reyes leaving the town, and then coming back. Still, I have the same sensation I had in Maniac Mansion, a very looooong night, but just one. :grimacing:
When you’re on Scabb Island in MI2 instead, and you get past this first stage, the player not only goes to rooms which belong to other islands, but the game settings change from night to day. We know from the dev blog that the size of TWP is about the same of MI2, and since keeping the same light can have the effect of compressing the perception of the size of the game, if there’s not a precise design choice for not doing it, varying space time and day hour can make an interesting shift and expand the perception.

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This is a great insight! This would explain why Ron wrote “Favorite time waster of 2021 was watching physics videos on YouTube.” in his latest blog update. I’ve always wondered “why the hell would Ron watch physics videos?”. So could time travel mean Mansion Mansion 2? DoTT2? Who owns the rights? Lucas Film Games (Disney)?

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An interest in physics and time travelling surely fit together, but I was not thinking about something related to Maniac Mansion settings and characters, something new instead.
Thankfully, time travelling itself cannot be owned as a copyright :sweat_smile:
(And in the end we’ll discover all these speculations were completely wrong :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


I would love something (anything!) in the universe of Thimbleweed Park (and/or Maniac Mansion since it is connected to TWP). I think (I hope) that if it is not Terrible Toybox next project it will eventually come (I think the Nintendo Switch sales of TWP were very good so there’s hope).

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Maniac Mansion: DAY of the TENTACLE - Chuck Edmund’s Lost Treasure # 01
This iconic poster certifies Chuck Edmund’s 100% completion of all game achievements.
At the top right you can see the "GOLD MEDAL”. Extremely valuable!


Really, really great art! Are you working as an artist? :smiley:

No I’m an amateur. In fact, out of 10 projects I manage to publish one and the other nine end up in the trash

are you skilled with the forum, could you help me with a problem? I would like to edit the first post by adding the photos of the works I publish from time to time, unfortunately the edit button is no longer active in the first post, is there a way to fix it?

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THANKS sushi! I will definitely follow your advice but I think that I will apply both posting methods

This is a REAL heirloom. As you can see, these are the FOUR “ORIGINAL” PIECES OF THE DINKY ISLAND MAP, the island where the legendary “BIG WHOOP” treasure is hidden. At the bottom left you can see the skeletal hand of RUM ROGER SENIOR, which was so attached to his map piece that he didn’t leave it even dead. At the top right you can see the precious “Golden Floppy”. This is a commemorative medal that celebrates 100% completion of the game.

Pencil Drawing

Colored pencil drawing and aging paper

The Golden Floppy! Extremely Precious!

Farther Chuck was not only a player of graphic adventures but he loved playing other genres too, could it be interesting for you to see works dedicated to different genres?