I'm Jumping Ship

Yeah so I love Thimbleweed Park but I’ve got to the point I can’t replay it anymore without having confirmation that there is something to look for. I was under the impression that, there was a few secret endings.

I’m a pretty good gamer but I can’t find them. I even wrote a tool to dig around the resources after the one I tried didn’t work. I found some things.

I see some objects I’ve not used in game but these might be some of the numerous ones which were cut in the development process. I find what I think is a puzzle I’ve not done (like the bank clock) and then find it seems to be another puzzle axed in the development process.

I came on here looking for information about new endings but unfortunately everything goes off topic super quick and no one takes the game part of this forum seriously.

It’s all what you having for tea? What record are you listening to?

I find myself drawn into it and that isn’t the point of this forum.

Might be better for the forum to be axed in view to giving the devs time to develop a new game.

It must be draining maintaining the forum and I have noticed there only seem to be about 20 posters in the whole thing.

It is very cliquey and the humour is off the wall. I’m going to duck out now and hope that in the future there is a new game.

Hopefully at some point if there are alternative endings Ron or David or Gary or whoever will give an indication.

As it is, I really enjoyed the game, played through about 10 times but that’s it time to move on. If they do another KS I’ll be right up front especially if it is anything MI related (I can dream) but anyway, be lucky! Good luck with your gaming.

If you finished the game. You finished it. When you put put all the items to good use that each character has gotten from Chuck at the end and Delores is the only remaining playable character when you make her use her item, you´ve really seen all there is to be seen. Many people use Delores first so I guess that is why they call the resolutions of the other characters secret endings, because they are missable.

Remember, most of us have been here for over a year and we went through all those things countless times (the forum has a search funtion, I´m sure you used) . So not everyone is jumping at a question that has been gone through a lot of times instantly.

But I agree none of us is going to last here. But as long as the devs, don´t mind it I don´t see it stopping so fast either .


Ja, du hast Recht mit dem, was du sagst. Das ist fair. Viel Glück und auf Wiedersehen! Ich hoffe, es gibt ein neues Spiel, aber vielleicht ist es ein zu teurer Prozess für die relativ geringe Belohnung. Sei glücklich!

I think I should also add that the devs don´t have that much to work on this forum. The moderation has been “outsourced” a while ago probably just for that reason. So this isn´t preventing a new game from happening. If it was everyone would have happily moved on to a new dev blog long ago. But it´s probably gonna take years with or without this forum.

That’s a pity you feel that way. But don’t take it out on the devs that we are bunch of like-minded hard core fans that like to hang out together here months after finishing the game and after most has been said.
We’ve also replayed other games collectively here, like Zak and Maniac Mansion - so perhaps one day we’ll revisit TWP too.
Also there is the ongoing transcribing of the podcasts here… which personally I found just as enjoyable and interesting as the game itself.
But please don’t accuse us of not being one-track minded and not posting about TWP all the time. We’re just humans too.

Isn’t that right, discobot?
@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Yes definitely


I also arrived late to the party and I missed all those early discussions about TWP (I do enjoy reading those old threads though).

And yes conversation is very casual and the only on-topic theme is getting off-topic :smiley: However there are a few threads about (recent/upcoming) adventure games that are updated every now and then that I think are golden.

Anyway good luck! :swimming_man:

I even did not read most of them until this very day!
I want to discover things myself rather than reading about it. So any topic “hidden ending”/“easter eggs”/“unlocking the…”/“theories about xyz” I will only read in a few years from now once I have played the game for the second or third time…Hopefully this forum will still be around.

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I honestly don´t think that will be the case.


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Obviously that´s not what I meant and you know that, too.

why not?

because if you laughed it would craft a…wait that was something else…

I don´t know. I think since the topic of this forum is limited to a single game, I think there is a limit to how long all of this can last.


You can’t use the forum, that’s right. But it will be still around. And I like the idea (somehow) … :slight_smile:

You mean like we´ll be having a common legacy or something like that? :open_mouth:

To be honest, we have occupied this forum already. We have discussed all things one can discuss about TWP. Left are some crazy guys and girls who seem to have a lot in common and like to chat about everything. And I love that. :slight_smile:

Yep. :slight_smile:


Since obviously I´ve made some great friendships myself here, I know what you´re talking about and I feel the same way.

I´m just not sure if we´ll still be necessarily doing that here years from now.

I’m hoping that when Ron & Co. get their next game out (soonTM), this forum will be re-named Terrible Toybox and TWP will become a sub-branch of it. Wishful thinking eh?


Yeah, but if that would happen you can count on me being here and annyoing the crap out of everybody like usual. :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to it already! :smile:

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