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Complete list of Thimbleweed type games (only 20)


It’s always amazing to discover new games even you would think you know all those games supported by ScummVM after all those years.


full throtle
tentacle day
broken sword series
sierra kings quest
sam and max seirs


Huh, which one?


There are a few more that are missing from that list, or what I saw from what you posted:

All THREE Kyrandia games. Kyrandia 1,2, and 3 are awesome. (

Freddy Pharkas : Frontier Pharmacist

Full Throttle (1995)

A New Beggining

…AND any from this list:


These games have a simplified UI or an one-click-interface. So they don’t meet the requirement of at least 5 text verbs on the screen.


Also do not meet requirements from what I can see in screenshots. Sorry.


Oh yeah, this thread just re-gaind some attention via the official TwP Twitter. :slightly_smiling_face: