Cool things in old Lucasfilm Games adventures that you only discovered years later

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: I was really surprised when I found out that you could escape from Castle Brunwald together with Henry without ever being caught by the Nazis.

I thought it was inevitable to be caught after freeing Henry from his room. The first soldier you run into will trigger the cutscene with the machine gun guy and Oberst Vogel. But if you defeat certain soldiers before, it’s possible to free up an escape route and reach the motorcycle outside without ever being caught and having to free yourself from being tied up to the chairs in the fireplace room.


Just a minor thing that I found funny. In Maniac Mansion you can switch out the two lights left and right of the security door, and it is really dark in that area after that. I thought that was neat and never tried that back in the day. There is a lot more I can´t think of right at the moment, though.

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I’m french, so in monkey Island 2 I never get why I should use a monkey on the pump. It was years after that I get the original monkey wrench joke.


I discovered that Ron Gilbert is BACK!

I first played Monkey Island in my monochrome Amstrad 1512. Years later, when I played it on my new 486, I realised there were many small animations that I had never seen, like the pirate swinging from the chandelier in Scumm Bar. Apparently they didn’t appear in the 1512 version because it didn’t have enough memory!!


We must have had the same computer. It was quite popular in Spain. Two 5 1/2 floppy drives and 7 disks for the whole game… Funnily, I turned it on 3 years ago and it still runs like a champ. I managed to run Monkey Island… I had to record a video!


Hm see I’m german and thanks to your post I now finally understand that monkey wrench joke, too. :joy: :laughing:


This is a very very sad topic for me, because I have to admit that in my first playthrough of “The Secret on Monkey Island” I never discovered the existence of the Voodoo Lady! :frowning:

It seems that you can complete the game without ever interacting with her.

It was only after a few years that, playing the game again, I was completely traumatized by the discovery of this “new” character! I thought I knew everything about the game (Easter eggs included).

The sensation that I felt realizing that I never had played the real/full game/story until that moment was a very grim feeling that I’ll never forget.


I’ve seen players not reading the captain’s log on the Sea Monkey or not talking to Mancomb and Estevan, missing out on a lot of the backstory.


The intro tune is still a killer in 2017. Will I ever grow up? :slight_smile:


I didn’t realize until after playing the game several times that in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, you can bypass the checkpoints toward the end by getting Hitler to sign the pass. Also didn’t realize that you can go into a side room in the catacombs and read inscriptions on a wall about the grail if you don’t pull the plug from the ceiling and knock out the stone bridge beforehand. Or that you could get a key to a chest in Henry’s house by dropping the lump in the tape into a glass of cleaning solution.

That game was so ahead of its time for adventure games – really love the replay-ability on that title.


Thanks for sharing that video! So many memories :slight_smile: It was a great machine, sadly mine died a long time ago.

Well, I was absolutely convinced it was a man! :laughing: I have no idea why. I found out in Monkey Island 2 that she was a lady.

I realized quite late that it says something like “if you see a painting of the grail you can tell whether it’s shiny or not”, and then you find a painting in the castle giving you a hint for the final trial.

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Je n’y ai jamais pensé! Merci :slight_smile:

I was playing Secret of Monkey Island again and just for fun tried to see, which items in your inventory you could put into the soup. It turned out, that the game broke, because some important item you can use later (I think it was the key) could also be thrown in, so you couldn’t open the chest. (Could’ve also been the rope, I’m not sure).
It was kinda cool, because I had not experienced any other bugs in the game up until then.

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It depends on which version you have. In my version I could actually burn my instructions for the navigator, and then I couldn’t give it to the cannibals and couldn’t solve the game :smiley:

My main language is Spanish, but I found this puzzle easy to solve thanks to Zak McKracken. I played all the old adventure games in English (Maniac Mansion and Zak were my first steps into learning the language) and there was this tool box in Zak that contained a monkey wrench, I found such a name for a tool was really funny and never forgot about it. Years later I made the connection to use the monkey as a monkey wrench in MI2, lol. :smiley:

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To continue the Last Crusade findings… I remember discovering years after it is possible to procure enough money to actually buy a zepplin ticket, escape through the vents undetected, then find you way to the biplane attached underneath. I don’t remember the details exactly… But I remember being floored by whole new sections of the game I’d never seen before.

Guess I’m due for a replay!

The Zeppelin is also accessibly by stealing the tickets from the guy in the airport who is reading newspaper. :slight_smile:

I think I read you can prevent the airplane crash if you shoot down enough Nazi fighter planes, but I never managed to do that.

Ah yes… I tried this for hours too!