The Secret of Monkey Island: a community playthrough

Fellow forum citizens who decided to join this community playthrough of MI1, I welcome you!

@Ema , @uriel , @Ignacio , @a.ammo , @ZakPhoenixMcKracken , @Sushi , @bongobrain , @St_Eddie .

As explained in this previous thread, this will be a relaxed way to play and enjoy together The Secret of Monkey Island.

You can play the version of the game that you like and at the pace that you find more convenient for you.

Every now and then, I invite you to check this thread to share your thoughts about the segment of the game that you’re playing or to ask for directions if you get lost!

I will always blur textual and image spoilers , because I can’t assume that you have taken my same road. I suggest you to do the same.

A complete lack of synchronization between us will undoubtedly lead to a chaotic experience and I look forward to it. :rofl:

Enjoy the ride!


I have just started the game, I’m playing the Ultimate Talkie Edition. :slight_smile:

Thanks to @LogicDeLuxe for making this possible!

The first blurred image that I’ll share… isn’t something from the game! It shows a perspective of the starting location that eventually wasn’t used.



Speaking of the voice acting from the Special Edition (and in the Ultimate Talkie Edition); I don’t care for the way that they used a voiceover for the titles (such as “Deep in the Caribbean”), even though they were voiced by the talented actor Denny Delk (Murray in The Curse of Monkey Island and Hoagie in Day of the Tentacle). It’s unnecessary. You don’t get voiceovers for such titles in films (“Manhattan, New York City”) and rightfully so.

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Indeed. We had that discussion back then in the Lucasforums. We decided that it is best to let the user decide whether he wants the narrator for that or not.
CTRL-A used to toggle him on or off. It still does in the DOS version, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore in ScummVM for some reason.

Although, this is not entirely true for movies. When movies are dubbed into another language, it is not uncommon to voice the translation for such titles.

The thread where it all started is archived over there:


Maybe that explains why I didn’t understand which voiceovers @St_Eddie was referring to. I heard nothing during the titles. :stuck_out_tongue:

… and I don’t miss them, frankly.

That’s odd, since those are enabled by default. For instance, if you start a new game and just go to the Scumm Bar, enter it and leave it, you should hear “Meanwhile” etc… Unless, you have disabled it with CTRL-A at some time when it worked. The setting is saved in monkey.cfg in DOS or whatever ScummVM names this file.
The “Deep in the Caribbean” is a special case which has no voice acting.

Oh, I didn’t realise. That’s my bad for using that as an example.

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It’s mandatory to play the english version? :crazy_face:

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If @LogicDeLuxe promises it will possible to run his routine with it, we could make a MI Italian fan dub. It shouldn’t be hard, after TWP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ve been playing TSOMI with my daughters during Easter, we’re almost at the end. I’m actually more eager to play MI2 because I have way less memories of that game.

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Oh, OK, now I’ve understood. I thought I had to expect voiceovers in that section too.

You can play the version that you like!

When sharing stuff here, you could add some translation for non-Italian readers if you feel that they wouldn’t get something.

Actually, that was my desire too, but I decided to start with MI1 because it’s shorter and it seemed a softer reintroduction to adventuregaming for me.

I know every single pixel of MI1&2. Therefore, since CMI is a sort of “parallel canon” and I don’t remember it very well, and since RMI starts where MI2 ends, probably my best play order would be CMI, MI1, MI2. :thinking:

This doesn’t mean I’m backing out the community playthrough


I have reached the SCUMM Bar and I have to say that I like the
background noise of pirates chatting and laughing.

I’m not sure if it fits well with the visual art, because several pirates in the room are sleeping or not talking to anyone, but I would say that, overall, the bar noise is a nice addition to the experience and something that didn’t exist back in the nineties.

Along the road to the bar, there is an electoral poster on a wall.

I will “Look At” it every now and then because Guybrush will comment in different ways, depending on how much information he has acquired on Elaine or LeChuck.


OK, started today.
CD version, ITA, with the revisited GUI.
Let’s go…


There is something that has always bothered me: sometimes the game doesn’t let you try all the dialogue options with a character.

For example, it happens in the bar when you ask Estevan about LeChuck. When he gets shaken up by talking about LeChuck, you can’t talk to him anymore. In order to increase the quantity of things that you can ask him about, you should ask about LeChuck only after all the other topics.


What is the secret of Monkey Island™?

Answer: “Only LeChuck knows.”

Thus, Ron Gilbert is LeChuck! :astonished:


So no scumm bar music theme? :thinking:

Man, what happened to your inventory icons? Too much grog, maybe?

I’m sure you did talk to the dog, but in case you didn’t you should definitely try, since with the ultimate talkie edition you might have a surprise.

It has both: the chatting sound has been added to the music.


I think I know what you are referring to, but my configuration of the Ultimate Talkie has shown to me the same Spiffy that I saw in the SE, which I have played.
To be honest, I prefer the SE Spiffy to the original concept art for Spiffy, which is too Snoopy-like for me and very different from the dog shown in the room

Oh, right, HeMadeItAnOption™, now I remember.

Anyway, isn’t the evil Spiffy from SE pixelated in the ultimate? I thought so.