Hints for LucasArts games

I’m playing Monkey Island and wanted to ask for a hint. I didn’t know where to post it and thought it might be useful to have a topic where people can ask for hints regarding LucasArts games.

I last played MI an age ago at my friend’s house, so it’s all very hazy. I’m not even sure if we completed it.

I’m currently at the cave in the monkey head and can’t work out how to navigate. I think I need a navigator’s head. I have a skull but it’s not doing anything. The in-game hints just keep telling me to ask the cannibals for help, but they just say they only have one navigator’s head and don’t know how to make another.

I’ve been wondering about ditching the compass because it says it interferes with other navigational equipment, but don’t know how to get rid of it.

Could anyone give me a SUBTLE hint? Am I on the right lines?

Thanks! :monkey_face:

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Talk to the cannibals some more.

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Okay, thanks.

Also pay attention to the dispute they have with Herman Toothrot(the notes all over the island). That should be enough for now.

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Aha, I tried the one inventory item I obviously hadn’t tried yet. Nice pun :laughing:

I think I might’ve already done the bit you’re referring to with Toothrot.

I’d be very interested in a short review of the game by you, once you’ll have it completed.

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Notice: the very same navigator head is present in Thimbleweed Park :wink:

Yeah I know - that actually helps a lot, heheh.

I once played a version where I could get rid of the stuff you need to solve this puzzle.

Like a fan version?

No, like an very old buggy version :smiley: I wasn’t even aware there were such releases that got patched later, and I don’t remember where I got it. I like to remember this when Ron says “the old Lucas games were full of bugs, you just didn’t notice”

Oh I seeee. Good that they patched it then!

:grin: that’s what you think Ron!

Well, in Larry 2 you have to get rid of stuff to solve a puzzle. And if you don’t do it, you will - surprise, surprise - die.

I have fuzzy memories of the time period when I played Larry 2 (which for sure I left unfinished)… could you EVENTUALLY be more specific on this puzzle?

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Please can anyone give a subtle hint regarding how to get the bottle out of the sleeping ghost’s hand?

Think Indiana Jones in Raiders…

Actually, I don’t remember this puzzle. So I can just think out loud with you.
Or perhaps you can create a distraction?

Or the obvious: PICK UP bottle?

I knew someone would reply now that I’ve come away from the computer, haha.

I could try that. Noted.

Yes I tried that one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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hold on, I´m still searching for the correct picture…