Cross-stitch parade of Monkey Island 2 characters by Emy Dawn

I already shared this photo in another thread but in my opinion it deserved a proper place in the “Fan Art” category.

It’s a cross-stitch made by Emy Dawn.


Yet another confirmation that cross-stitch is the perfect real-world version of pixel art.


At least one isn’t from MI2 - but that doesn’t change the awesomeness of this cross-stitch!

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I hope it’s not the monkey wrench!

Maybe it’s the Voodoo lady. In MI3 she said she had a contract of five games with LucasArts :slight_smile:
And since there will be a new “hint system”, maybe she’s not there telling Guybrush what to do.

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He wasn’t in MI2 either, if my memory doesn’t fail.

Herman is confirmed by voice over recordings. (source Ron’s teweet)


Your memory fails. He’s the philosopher on the beach who asks what color a tree has in a forest when there is no one around to see it fall.


And actually Herman’s yoga posture depicted here is from MI2

Anyway. Chances are that Guybrush won’t be in RMI, I guess.


I don’t get if you’re all joking or not.

I’m actually intrigued by the idea of Guybrush not being the protagonist or not being on video or being just a narrator.


Same here. It could be a very interesting story. (And I would love to see the return of the monkey wrench. :grin: )

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What if…


I bet 100 pieces of eight that Jojo the monkey will be missing

75 the Voodoo lady

50 Stan

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If the other games are canon, then Stan must be missing. He’s supposed to be an annoying salesman and plays that role so well, I wouldn’t mind if he would not be in the game.

But the most obvious would be that JoJo isn’t in the game.

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