The Maniac Mansion thread (general discussion for people who finished it or don’t mind spoilers)

What a shame, there was no Maniac Mansion dedicated thread!

A question for everyone, including of course @David and @RonGilbert :

Each character had his own peculiarity:

  • Bernard: can fix various things, he fears the tentacles
  • Razor: can play the piano
  • Wendy: can use the typewriter and write a novel
  • Syd: can play the piano
  • Michael: can develop the film
  • Jeff: ??? what can he do???

If I recall well he doesn’t make noise walking since he is barefoot and he can fix the phone. Maybe he doesn’t need workout since he is well trained. But I’m not sure.

He can swim.
He is far out!
He is not afraid of tentacles.

So, he can do what Bernard do, but he’s not afraid of tentacles?
Uhm, I’m not sure that Jeff could do all that tech stuff.
He can swim, so if he’s in the swimming pool (empty) and then the pool is suddenly filled with water… he lives?

He can’t use/repair the radio.

Other kids are also not afraid of the tentacles - AFAIR Dave.

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Yes, I remember that only Bernard can.

He can repair the telephone. That´s all.

If only Bernard would be able to repair the telephone it wouldn’t be possible to solve the game without Bernard.

The title of this thread (tips, hints) makes it sound like it’s (also) for people who haven’t played it. I’m wondering if some of these things could be considered spoilers…


No, the phone is just for convinience you don´t need to repair it to solve it.

Yes, but then one kid has to go to the jail. Or could you distract Edna in other ways?

No, you have to get yourself caught on purpose if you cannot use the phone.

Maybe he can even reach the inflatable mat without emptying the pool?

He can surf. Unfortunately, not a skill needed for this game.


The beach is in Monkey Island, the gas can in Zak - I wonder what’s in Indy 3 … :wink:

Hitler. He did the paintings in MM.

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@ZakPhoenixMcKracken, perhaps you should mention that in the first post.

Godwin’s law at work again!

Plus he’s a babe magnet.
Another skill not needed for this game.

He’s just fun fun fun to have in the team!


The funny thing about that is that Hitler wins at any 6 degrees of seperation game(in this case it was 1).