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David Fox and Annie (Larris) Fox in Italy in September!


It’s official!
So excited!


So you’re going then?
Or better yet, invite them to visit your town/city and guide them around.


What do you think? :smiley: :smiley:
It’s 30 years that I wait to meet David Fox!


FYI: Cervignano del Friuli is near Venice, in the North-East region of Italy.
Here’s a map, if you plan to come to visit:


I’m excited on your behalf!! :smile:


Too far away from my place to just jump over. :frowning: Greet David from all forum members!


Nonsense, you just need a bigger trampoline :wink:


Like this one?

I guess I would need something like this:


I’ll do, under payment! :smile::smile:


That’s interesting, @LostTrainDude


Do you accept likes? :slight_smile:


I would pay for a hello from everyone in likes - if only Discourse would let me :smiley:


I could make a video-greetings, to post here




@David has made a request via Twitter:

So, even the more recent Zak players, which have played Zak McKracken for the first time this year in this forum (@tasse-tee, @PiecesOfKate, @Frenzie …)
Would you mind to tell your story to David Fox?
I promise to film every second of his speech in Italy! :grin:

Of course, old players (@Sushi, @Someone … ) are welcome as well. @milanfahrnholz already has answered


I’m not on Twitter, but I’ll ping a friend of mine. We played Zak together back then. :slight_smile:


Feel free to write here, David will read nonetheless.


Like the long version starting with Curse of Monkey Island in '97/'98 or the tl;dr that I played Maniac Mansion & Zak McKracken in 2018 after playing Thimbleweed Park?


Your impressions on how it was playing Zak McKracken today, since it’s a game born 30 years ago. How did it feel? Did you feel lost, amused, thrilled…


I think we actually just had a topic about that. I guess I’ll just jot down some impressions?

  • There were a few too many verbs for my liking. I disliked turn on/off (I don’t “turn on” a torch, thank you very much) and the switch kid verb in particular. The what is verb was completely redundant.

  • The switch kid verb was annoying because my preferred way of selecting verbs isn’t with the mouse but with the qwert/asdfg/zxcvb set of keys, except while normally you just go one to the left/right that verb behaves differently so suddenly you’re stuck.

  • The C64 version looked and most of all sounded best.

  • I don’t dislike taking some notes on paper. I haven’t scribbled this much since Her Story. My maps were memory aids, not full maps, so it’s questionable whether even just a few months later they’re still usable even to me.

  • I think it was much harder to accidentally waste things (other than money) than it was in Maniac Mansion. This is good, imo.

Other than a few minor quibbles, I can barely believe how modern this game feels, even though it’s as old as I am. Of course I enjoyed it! It basically ate all of my spare time for a week.