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David Fox (with Annie Fox) and Noah Falstein in Germany in August! (+The price of pizza)

David Fox will be at the DEVCOM in Cologne, Germany, on 18th August!
He will talk with Noah Falstein about Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, for its 30th anniversary.

Together with David, his wife Annie Fox for a tour in Germany!


Well, in a week, they will leave the USA to go to Germany.
Is there any forum user who will accompany or meet them?

Do you know if @David and @nfalstein are going to Berlin as well? Maybe I could go, meet, and drink a beer with them. :smiley:

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Yes, Annie and I will be in Berlin from around Thursday, 22 August through Sunday morning, 25 August. Noah, I believe, is arriving a day or two earlier, and leaving earlier. It would be fun to meet a bunch of Berlin fans. Maybe someone could organize something like what we just did in London (a pub, low key, visiting and signing game boxes).

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Thank you. Did you plan to visit other German towns already?

Frankfurt, Koblenz, Cologne, Goslar, Berlin, Potsdam, Munich (so far)

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OK, I could meet you in Munich! Just tell me the date, and I will arrange my travel.

Great! I’d really like to meet you guys and buy you a beer.
I checked my calendar, and it seems that I’m free Thursday afternoon, and Friday evening.
I’d recommend my favorite beer garden (Prater Biergarten) if it’s not to far from your hotel. Unfortunately we are having a guest at home, so the sleeping couch is taken. :frowning: :wink:
Are there other Berliners in this Forum?

Perhaps I could hike* all the way to Cologne. When would you be there?

* well, drive actually. Just a reference to the shopkeeper in Monkey Island.


Day trip?

The speech is on 19 August.

I bet so! Two years ago at the TWP party in Berlin there was a LOT of people. We had fun.

Here’s our itinerary. Note that the last week is still in flux, but these dates are set:

  • Frankfurt 13-15 August
  • Koblenz 15-17
  • Cologne 17-21
  • Goslar 21-22
  • Berlin 22-25
  • Potsdam (day trip) 23rd or 24th
  • Munich ? Nuremberg ?
  • Flight back home from Frankfurt on the 29th

Noah and I are planning on having a meetup on Monday 19 August, maybe at our hotel lobby or bar, where people at Devcom, or early Gamescom attendees can hang out for an hour or two. I’d love to do something like that at other cities Annie and I are visiting.

Edit: Noah, Annie and I will be at our hotel for a meetup on Monday 19 August at 6pm. Maybe in the lobby, or if they have a nice bar, then there:
BURNS fair & more Hotel
Adam-Stegerwald-Straße 9, Köln, North Rhine-Westphalia, 51063

Please let me know if you plan to come!

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We’re definitely tied up on Thursday afternoon. No other plans yet, so Friday evening could work. We’re staying at Soho House Berlin. I don’t know where that is in relation to Prater Biergarten. (and thanks for being willing to consider us as house guests :slight_smile: but we’re all set with hotels.)


Understood. It will be one day between 26th and 28th.
I should take a day off then, can’t guarantee right now :frowning:

Ok, let us know. Where we end up at the end of the trip depends in part whether Annie ends up speaking at a school in Frankfurt.


Yes, good times!
However, I’m not able to organize such a big event.
I wouldn’t mind to sit alone with David and Annie and Noah in the beer garden. :slight_smile: The question is: Would they? :stuck_out_tongue:

I can speak regarding David and Annie: they are very friendly, of course they do!


Better for me! Don’t like to share my celebs with others. :smiley:


Yes, day trip.
Not sure which day yet though.

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