David Fox and Annie (Larris) Fox in Italy in September!

I have about 2400 km to go :smile: Hope to meet you there.


Pro tip: You should use an airplane. :wink:


There will sure be an annoying passanger, who’ll clog the toilet, blow an egg in the microwave oven, open all the overhead compartments and steal a cushion.


But you’ll get free peanuts!


I can’t come (too far) but it would be cool if someone takes some pictures to post them or even a video (maybe even of the trip).

When Zak2 between time and space was release some guys made a video of their trip to the party I Cologne in Germany. It was nice to watch their excitement. Of course they had their “Nasenbrillen” ready just in case :slight_smile:

You maybe want to read this thread too:

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Thanks, and they will make a video.

@David Every time I think of Zak, I smell the scent of roast chicken. Allow me some time to explain. :stuck_out_tongue: I picture myself as a 13 years old unpacking a colorful box I had just retreived from the local post office near our summer home. I unwrapped the package, I started to examine the back cover, I saw you and Matt, I examined the in game screens and… I smelled it. Turns out I was right outside the deli where my mother was buying what was needed for lunch. They were roasting chickens, and the scent got out through a vent I was under. I was mesmerized by the game when two hours later I put the floppies in my 1541 drive and ran the game on my C64. And yet, above all… that scent has been imprinted in my memory of Zak. Some days ago I was in the same little town. Guess what, the deli is still there and still roasts chickens in the same place. I am 41 now. Passing under that vent, I smelled the scent again and I went “Oh my God, Zak…” :smiley:
Without even thinking.
Ok, I don’t know if you’ll be able to use such a delirious memory, but I had to be sincere and spill the beans.

EDIT: Do you think it will be possible to meet you briefly in Rome before you take off? I am afraid I won’t be able to attend the event…


Funny and original story!
Now, as off topic, I’m curious to know the story behind Chobin as your avatar…

Flixbus offers that route at a competitive price. Departure at 19:15, arrival at 7:40

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Or pack and leave tomorrow :grin:

I hope you won’t sit next to him then :wink:

Note to self: write down and post my Zak story here before it’s too late!

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Hopefully @Festarossa won’t be the one :wink:

I would never steal a cushion from an airplane.

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Everyone knows airplanes are single file. There’s no such thing as “sitting next to” on a plane.

Then don’t forget to take an egg with you, they might not have it on board.

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@Daniele82 has made a short game (using AGS) to tell the story of the broom alien in Zak McKracken.
You can download it and play it (PC Windows only).
This is his first experiment in making a game, he’s a newbie at programming in general, but his goal was to tell a short story.

The game will be played at Cervignano Film Festival, after David’s speech.



Finally, the best character has his own game! :blush:


What about “Al the Alien”?

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Seems to work fine in (32-bit) Wine. :slight_smile:

Edit: perhaps I spoke too soon, unless as a fan game it’s a bit wonky in the controls on Windows too.

Agh! How could I forget about him?! Now I can’t decide who is better :astonished: