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Delores Linux is now live

The native version of Delores Linux is now available on Steam. Give me a few days and it will be available on GOG.

Many thanks for everyone who helped test.

This release also includes all the amazing community translations. Everyone went above and beyond including translating in-game art.


I’d especially like to thank you for your patience with all the laziness and mistakes with translations and the graphics.


Well, thanks for bringing Delores to Linux in the first place. Really appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi hi! Just wanted to swing by and say thanks for and congrats on rolling out Linux support! Hope it’s been a pleasant journey.

I notice that the Steam Overlay doesn’t display. Supposedly, it’s meant to automatically latch onto any OpenGL context created by a process that’s been launched through the Steam client. I don’t have any useful advice at this stage (it’s behaved on every Linux game/port I’ve worked on out of the box). Calling SteamAPI_Init() after creating the GL context might make it behave, but it likely doesn’t make sense to do Steam-specific builds for this game.

Not a big deal, but since I couldn’t find any mention of that being reported, I thought I’d mention it.

I can confirm that the Steam overlay doesn’t seem to work on Kubuntu 20.04. I never use that, so I didn’t think to try. Similarly F12 for screenshots doesn’t seem to work either. Could be the game is just eating those keys?

Thanks you Ron for this linux port ! (Any plans for a c64 port ? ^_^)

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I finally got to running the Linux version. Took me 5 hours spread over several days just to create a ubuntu live usb and changing the bios to boot from a USB.
Then I spent 15 minutes trying to connect to the WiFi.
And only 1 minute to download and run Delores -worked like a charm - the music too.

P.S.: I love how ubuntu allows me again to simply open images and pdf files in a snap - unlike on windows where that takes easily 30 seconds on the very same PC.
And yes, this post is made from a linux OS too.


Get rid of Acrobat. There are other PDF reader better than it. I like FoxIt reader, it’s lighter and faster.


I don’t know if it’s still applicable, but back in the day you could seriously speed up Acrobat Reader by removing some or even all of the plugins. Of course you might be missing out on some features like when your tax program depends on one of those plugins. :wink:

The weird thing is that real Adobe Acrobat loads no slower if not faster than Acrobat Reader…

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I already use that! But still it’s slower than the viewer on linux because win10 starts a lot of bloatware which slows down the file explorer (I usually need to give it a few minutes to settle after login)

What would a Delores Linux be like :thinking:

I think… live right now?

Although no updates are listed in the release history on Steam.
Nor does it list any languages other than English.

I was thinking more like what would an operating system “Delores Linux” be like.
Live-CD, sure. Although it should be a Live-floppy. GUI: maybe in line with The Apple GS/OS?

I’ve already beaten the game on Windows but I decided to give the Linux version a try since I’m in Linux all day for development.

I’m happy to report it seems to run perfectly. No obvious differences from the Windows version!

Great job to all involved. :delores:

yeah I know…
I think Linux with Graphic BASIC… and FORTRAN of course

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