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New release Linux/Languages

We’re very close to having the Linux version of Delores and it could launch in the next month. When it is released, I’d also like to include all the language work being done here on all platforms (win/mac/linux).

To do that, I want to set a deadline of Sept 7th to have all language additions checked into git. Any changes made after the 7th won’t make it into the released game.

The credits in all languages will remain in english, but I’d like to include the names of the people involved in the translations. If you want to be credited, please send me a DM with your name as you’d like it to appear and what language you worked on.


@RonGilbert… Did you get around to implementing line wrapping for the dialog options or should we rewrite things to always fit on a single line?
Which would be +/-55 characters, depending as it isn’t a mono type font.

(for now I use the small font as workaround, but that isn’t the default setting)

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There is no wrapping is dialog, so the translations will have to fit.


It really, REALLY grinds my gears that the R in the first “Right-click” isn’t in the same font as the rest of the text :laughing: I decided I’ll fix it when I push the Spanish start screen.

Wow, great eye-catcher!

By changing the font of the R, you have destroyed my vision for the game.


It’s my game now! MUAHAHAHAHA :smiling_imp: time to add more *beep*ing Ransome!

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No, really - this single R embodies the intrinsic flimsiness of ink-ribbon typewriters used in journalism during the 80s which is the core of this tale as it explains the abundant presence of specks of dust which are intertwined with the origins of these unreliable fonts.

That and perhaps all the letters in a different font form a seckrit message.

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Hmm… we still have to find the secret of the “chuck.txt” file message.

I just built the new release. We need to do a tad more testing then I’ll post the secret beta key.

We did notice the Brazilian Portuguese version is missing some translations. If any of the languages are missing strings, they will default to English.

Expect info tomorrow.

I commented a few days before the deadline in the spreadsheet of @Rodrigo on google docs to let them know they were missing the last 10 lines or so. I don’t think there was any reaction so far.

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