Delores receiving the MMucasFlem letter, by Raúl Salazar

Here is a happy Delores, who has probably just discovered that she has been hired at MMucasFlem!

It has been drawn by artist Raúl Salazar. Source.


That´s not very pleasing…

Not everyone needs to like this style… but there is actually one thing which I would change: I’d move her right arm up…


Right. And reduce that chin, it looks much too goofy.

You should go make your own fan art, because then it will be prefect!


But prefect fan art will just police the other fan art!

“Ron’s unexpected typos”, the new adventure game by …

About art, there is a golden rule, as a comic trio used to say:
“if you liked it, tell your friends.
If you disliked it, MAKE YOUR OWN BUSINESS!” :wink:

At no point I was judging about the picture, it´s style or how it is drawn.
I just wanted to give my opinion. I find that´s not very pleasing for Delores - for my taste.
I think it´s the facial expression that´s let´s me think that.

I appriciate every fan art, especially for Thimbleweed Park. This one too. It´s a new style, which I haven´t seen bevor.

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I know tlammert, the style is something that we can find pleasing or not, it’s a matter of taste! :slight_smile:
Never thought everybody have to like it, just wanted to point out that the drawing is good, but it has a certain style that, since it seems to belong more to the caricature, probably will not please everyone. Infact it is often used in newspapers to create irony about important people, or in comic stripes where the characters have some of their physical attributes exaggereted in order to obtain a comic effect.