DOTT-ified Thimbleweed Park Fan Art by Dan Sills

Here’s my fan art of what Ray, Delores, and Ransome might look like in the 2023 Chuck Jones cartoon-inspired sequel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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Has Ransome urinating incontinence issues? :neutral_face:

Ray and Ransome fit the characters, but Delores seems a bit too goofy for what she was.

I think the designers put much of themselves into Delores, which is what made her such an interesting character, and it’s hard to get that from your cartoon.

Ray, on the other hand, seems spot on! Hehehe.


That’s because art is not necessarily about suggesting what people already know. Art can be also experimentation, like in this case, where Delores was made even more nerdy, stylistically mixing her character with another famous nerd: :slight_smile:

image image


The biggest difference is that Bernard was also a cowardly wimp (opening scene/reaction to green tentacle) who lacked social skills(implied in the blackboard poster that came with the game). Delores is flawless.


Anyway, the point of mixing two different characters linked by a common characteristic is to highlight that common characteristic, not suggesting that they are similar also about other aspects.

Yes I get that.

However I think the above example is merly to illustrate the respect she has for her idols(or to be meta, to save voice acting lines), not that she lacks social skills, I think those are different things.

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It could be both.

Maybe, can you cite an example that excludes the respect for the idols angle?

No. I don’t actually think that she lacks social skills. My point was that it’s irrelevant, because the action of mixing makes more sense if two characters are different, not identical.

This is from the official Delores description:

Delores is a nerd, but she is far from the stereotypical anti-social geek. She has a lot of friends and isn’t afraid to have fun on a Saturday night. She has attended every ThimbleCon since it started 4 years ago.

I think those differences are important because a lot has changed since 1987. The image of the exclusivly male anti social nerd has mostly vanished (mostly still reinforced by shows like The Big Bang Theory, which really feels anachronistic now) and that´s why we had Bernard in 1987 and Delores in 2017.

The difference is that Bernard comes across as a goofy, know-it-all nerd, and is not very likable. The likeness fits the character.

To each his own, I guess, but this whole attitude of excusing every shortcoming because “art” is getting old. Oh well.

I see, it’s perfect, and it was all done on purpose, and there are never any flaws because… art.

Horses for courses.

Oh, and just to be sure, I’m not knocking on the artwork. It is very nice, and much better than anything I could do.

I just object to some people’s condescending attitude of thinking that other’s opinions are invalid just because their different from their own, and that somehow teaching or explaining why they are so right will show them their error.

Some times people just see things differently. I see that charicature of Delores as not very successful because it doesn’t seem to point to any inherent personality or physical traits e character. The fact that the other two likenesses do suggests that that was the intention.

You may disagree with that, and that’s your prerogative.


I don’t disagree with you and I don’t think that your opinions have less or more value than anyone else opinions. It’s perfectly OK to like more those drawings that suggest to you the image that you would like to be suggested to you.

You like a character to be depicted in a way that it reminds you how that character felt to you, so when a drawing departs from the image that you have of that character, it becomes to you “too X” or “too less X”. I get it, and it’s of course OK.

Yeah maybe. Or maybe it’s a new gag he does with a fake urine bladder hidden in his clown pants? Or maybe I haven’t worked with india ink in years and what was supposed to be a subtle bit of shadowing ended up looking a wee bit like pee pants. Oops.

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It might also be a result of the application of Kauzlaric’s Patented Anti-Itch Medicine! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don´t think it´s intended for that kind of itch, though.

I was just implying that the anti-itch cream was greasy. :neutral_face:

Aw, I think she’s adorkable. She does look a lot nerdier with Bernard-type glasses, but I wanted to keep with some key design choices made in Day of the Tentacle, like glasses being completely opaque. I think of Delores as being a happy, positive, friendly character for the most part (as well as being a nerd) and that’s what I tried to capture in the DOTT style (Which, none of the characters in that game look all that flattering anyway)

It’s all good though. The real Delores is 1145 pixels and there’s a lot of interpretation to be made by artists and fans when it comes to caricaturing or adding more detail. Some people make her look more pretty like an anime character, I’ve seen others play up the geek aspect more.