Dialogue is skipping on Mac/Steam version

I’ve just spun the game up after long fallow period, so I started a new game as I’d lost track of what I was doing. I’ve noticed a few instances of dialogue skipping. For example, the first time I looked at the circus flyer, it skipped straight to “Pretty good make-up though”. Doing repeated “looks” I mostly hear the whole thing, but on occasion it will skip to the second line part way through “It’s a circus flyer…”

There have been a few other instances of dialogue lines similarly ending abruptly mid-sentence when talking to the Pigeons, as well as during the Sheriff’s opening cut scene and gabbing to the Coroner (I tested enabling subtitles as well as audio with him, the subtitle disappears – it’s pretty much behaving like I’ve pressed “.”).

Is this a known issue?

The menu says 1394.921 (I’m assuming that’s the build).

I am not sure, but I think I heard that if you have “Hear Voice” disabled, then the “Text Speed” slider takes into effect. Maybe you have it set too high?

I’ve not disabled voice and the slider is at its default position. The behaviour is in no way consistent – like I said, I get different results on different occasions when looking at the flyer, for example.

This was all while playing as Ray; I’m trying leading with Reyes in the hope that the issue won’t manifest so I can just enjoy the game.

Yes, that’s the build number. You should mail: support@thimbleweedpark.com They can help you.

Are you using a trackpad? I added code for a two finger swipe to skip dialog on iOS, and to my surprise, Mac trackpads also pass that gesture in on the Mac builds of SDL.

Isn’t that valid only on current macOS versions and devices?

I don’t know. I assumed (incorrectly) that the mutlitouch gestures would only happened on IOS SDL, but they are clearly happening (but buggy) on macOS. I don’t know if SDL reads them on windows devices.

Sorry been a while since I had chance to play. I probably was using the trackpad, I’m about to spin up now, will report back (I’m assuming there hasn’t been a fixing update in the interim).

Seems like the two-finger gesture could well be it; I was probably flicking about on the pad looking for hotspots while the dialogue ran through and may have touched with both fingers.