Did the designers hide something in the textual game?

I was hoping it would be a text parser when I first heard about that feature.

“would you like your mother to hear you say that?”

I was actually really exited when that was announced back in august. It was like “wow, a game within a game!” As it is it´s not really much of a game but I can see why. I also don´t think it would be wise to have something really distracting like that at that point in the game. If you´d like to have a proper full text adventure game within a game it´d rather have it in Delores room than very late in the game. Same goes for the Arcade Machines, if one day they became playable it´d be better that those in the wireframe world still remain non interactable, as distractions like that aren´t good that late in the game.

Yeah, that’s true. I’d assumed it would be playable on the devs’ computer at Thimblecon (I spent quite a lot of time trying to get on it for that reason, doh).

I don´t know if I had figured out what it was for by the time I got to the con, but since there was a screenshot with green text on a black backround I knew at least it couldn´t be Delores C64 with it´s white on blue basic look.

It can’t be a text parser, due to controllers.

Hadn´t thought of that, I think there´s some console games which require typing that use some sort of virtual keyboard or something. But if you have to factor controllers into it, that´s understandable.

It would be cool to have a longer text adventure in Thimbleweed Park 2…

I wonder if Ron and co. would ever do a sequel (to any game) where the setting is the same and re-using the same art? Or is that cheating…?

You could probably do a sequel for less money/time if it was 95% art assets you already have and sell it to the same audience who enjoyed Thimbleweed Park 1.

So the story might be something like the game restarts and it’s the same characters back but this time things get even weirder and there are some new NPCs and an even deeper mystery they have to uncover.

AND there is a mysterious new mystery about why all the characters are silent now and can only communicate in text with no voice acting (thus saving money on voice cast).

AND in the sequel the arcade and a couple of other places are now open.

AND… ok, that’s all I got.

Oh, oh wait, the sequel’s twist would be…


…that this time round they think they’re in a game… but they’re not, it’s real!

Why not? I have several ideas right at the moment how to “solve” that. :slight_smile:

:fearful: :cry: :sob:

I kindly ask you not to do that again to me. Making hypotheses and exploring the game to see if they are valid or not is part of my enjoyment. It’s perfectly OK for me if I’ll never discover “the truth”.

No! We had that chainsaw-thing in Maniac Mansion already. I don’t want to search another 30 years for a “gas can” in TWP. :slight_smile:

So, Ron, please tell us!

But you could ask for inside information sending him a private message, so that we both get what we want. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I never played MM, so it’s my turn to have the next 30 years of my life ruined.

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Come on, don’t be sooooooo depressed. Ron was joking, he was making fun of us.
How can you be sure he was telling the truth?
He likes joking!
Now… smile! :sweat_smile:

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Eheh you must play it. It’s mandatory. But remember, save often. And don’t be afraid to play and replay it as many times as you figure out how to solve the puzzles.

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Ron could tell that you were very close to discovering The Secret of Thimbleweed Park™, so he was trying to throw you off the scent just so that the secret is not discovered so soon after release…

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Don’t read the posts in this forum, so we both get what we want. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Meh. It’s not the same. You know already the chainsaw-thing. And there is the internet too. Back in the 80s we had to (re-)check each single rumour that circulated on the schoolyard! :slight_smile:


You have a point, here. I just will pretend he never spoiled it to me.

I don’t know why MM was never interesting to me.

Maybe it belongs to a generation of adventure games that is a bit older than the one that I liked to play. In those games it was still possible to die or to get stuck (and I mean that it wasn’t technically possible to progress in the game) and these characteristics ruin the fun for me.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m under the impression that games like MI (and maybe also Indiana Jones games? I’m not sure, you tell me) were the result of a more mature understanding of how adventure games needed to be designed.

I’ll start believing this as if it was real.

Well, I agree that I should be aware that these forums are full of spoilers but I still think that it’s funnier if something hidden is discovered by the players, instead of being revealed by an author.

I’m not so sure about that. Everyone talks about that chainsaw, but I have no idea why.

Also other big “puzzles” are already spoiled like:

  • Having a hamster in a microwave oven.
  • Opening envelopes using a digital distribution platform, although in TWP magically without burning your fingers.
  • Doing the crazy thing with the chainsaw, if you can find the gas.

Still, @LowLevel needs to play it!


The first time I played MM, it was a little shock. I didn’t know what to do. It was in english (I was 13yo and with a poor English knowledge).
I couldn’t figure out how to solve the very first puzzle: open the locked front door.
For a while, I let it go.
One boring day, I decided to try again to understand that strange game.
Suddenly, I figured out where to find the key to open the front door!
It opened!
And since that… I felt realized, and played and replayed the game many times.

I think you are right, at that time MM was a real novelty. So it was thrilling to be stuck, that meant it was your fault, a gap in your reasoning.
Anyway… I never managed to finish MM by myself.
Years later, with the help of a walkthrought, I had undestood how to solve certain puzzles, at the correct time, and then I finished the game.

Notice: it has multiple endings, which I found by myself. Very satisfactory!

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