When did you follow the wrong the track?

How often and when did you think

only to find out you were completely wrong?

I didn´t read a poster on Thimblecon and thought I had to win prize money to pay the lawyer.
I thought I´d have to open chuck´s grave to get his fingerprint.
I thought Franklin had to do something with frozen fountain water.
I expected to find something in the fridge in the sewer.
I tried to fingerprint the body, which makes zero sense.
I thought Doug and his shovel might become important at some point.
I tried to use the wrench in the most ridiculous places.
I wanted to use water from the drinking fountain to cool the overheated Pillowtron.
And more…how about you?



I thought the spellbook was hidden in the hotel because I’d checked the top of Morena’s at a previous point in the game and there was nothing there. It makes sense however that she’d acquire new books for her library in time though so it was logical enough. Still, it took me a long time to check her place again.

I thought Doug and his shovel might become important at some point.

And that’s all I can think of.

SINCE been informed that the book is always there, so you can ignore what I said about it.

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I thought the coins at the bottom of the fountain would have to be used in future phone calls.

I thought I needed to get Doug’s shovel to dig up the treasure.

I thought “For a good time call Edna” was a vital part of the puzzle with the obscene calls to the bank.

I thought I had to acquire Chuck’s fingerprint from the glass of the fingerprint reader in the safe of the workshop.

I thought I needed the greeting card labeled “I’m sorry your face is stuck” to endear Ransome into letting a fed roam the circus grounds.

I didn’t really understand why all the clues lead to Willie T. Wino when we clearly saw he was asleep when the victim was killed, so I never thought to look for the “murder weapon” inside the sewers

I also did think the fridge and the giant cocodrile skeleton were important (also the traffic cones). At some point I thought a giant cocodrile had murdered the victim, since it was found in the water.


When the lawyer says there needs to be thimbleberry pie, I thought I had to get it from S&D Diner.

When Delores finds the tube puller receipt from the ‘electronics store’, I thought I had to break into the closed ‘Smart Buy’ store (fortunately I realized to solution soon after!)

I spent a lot of time trying to get Franklin to ‘zap’ the battery.

I also tried to find uses for the red herring items, and the hotel fountain.

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When Doug inherited a new shovel I was 100% sure that I had to get his old one, perhaps to dig the treasure.

When I saw the battery, my first thought was to charge it with Franklin but the pizza flyer motivated me to try something else.

When I saw a stylized image of a vacuum tube drawn inside the socket of the factory time clocks, I thought I had to put a tube-related thing there.


Me too! :joy: That was my favorite puzzle, because it was one of those puzzles that make you say “OF COURSE” once you solve it.

I was absolutely convinced I didn’t have anything to do with Morena’s library unless I knew what I wanted. So, I was trying to get a book title for the spell book so I could then search the specific book in the library instead of just going all the way upstairs. Once I gave up, I solved the puzzle. It took me four playing sessions, during which I had basically solved everything else in the game - so once I got Franklin the book it was a matter of minutes until I was playing the last part.


This. :smiling_imp: :joy:

  • I thought I had to sneak into the room to get the watch maker tools WHILE the guy was throwing up.
  • I was convinced I should be able to play that betamax tape with sometihng in the shop cause of they’re surveillance system.
  • I was trying everything with Franklin in order to get rid of Xavier. I had only to wait for the right moment.
  • I was searching for a “spotter”, thinking it was something, not someone. Lost in translation…


And also, I thought I had to find a shovel :slight_smile:

i thought that too, but discarded fast since the kit could not be passed to Delores.

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I didn’t thought about that, trying to think how to charge it I tried to use it with the radio and some other electronic devices like the Tron machines, where the “They don’t have enough power to charge the battery” message gave me the final hint. Thinking about a greater source of power I remembered the electric fence and then… BINGO.

What made you think he was throwing up? I thought he was seated and that was the reason for no one to want to enter there :smile:

I discarded the video tape pretty fast. Knowing Ron’s philosophy, if I can discard something then it is not needed, so first thing I did when I found the dumpster was throwing there everything I carried on so I get rid of a lot of useless stuff there :wink:

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Because of the sounds he makes and because they say “sounds like someone is sick in there” which you don´t say when referering to diarrhea.

I´m not sure how exactly electronic fingerprint readers are supposed to work, but I assume the lense just scans the tip of the finger when you hold it close to it, so Chucks fingertip never actually touched the glass, thus couldn´t have left a print on it.

  • I thought I had to create some strange and big water flow with Franklin on some particular point of the great fountain in order to make sure that Pigeon Sisters come to the hotel;
  • I thought I had to insert a password to get access to the hotel computer.

The spell book is always there. Unless you played through once in Casual mode (when it’s not). Maybe you didn’t go high enough?

I’m not a native speaker but I think saying ‘sick’ is OK. Better than talking about explosions… :grimacing:

Let´s just say in the scene in A Clockwork Orange where Alex is being tortured he says “I´m gonna be sick, give me something to be sick in” it depends what you picture him wanting to do.

And in the context of the scene (and considering what happened to the other characters after eating the hot dogs) I think it´s pretty save Sexy Riker has an issue with his stomach not with his gut.

OK, I agree.

But generally speaking I think you can say “sounds like someone is sick” when talking about diarrhoea and hearing… stuff.