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Disney’s Use of Monkey Island

So I’m on vacation at Disney World with the family, and guess what I hear playing in one of the buildings in the Pirates of the Caribbean area? None other than the Scumm Bar theme from Escape from Monkey Island! So Disney knows they own the property, just wish they’d do something with it!


I’d be aimlessly wandering around, shaking my fist at Pirate mannequins telling them to: “Give Ron his Monkey back!”


I’d like the theorize that some disgruntled employee whom wants the rights given back to Ron, snuck some Monkey Island soundtrack into the playlist as a f**k you to Disney!


Another Gilbert game in the Caribbean would be perfectly fine for me… even if it’s not called Monkey Island it doesn’t have Guybrush. Call it “three headed monkey”.

Heck, why can’t it be better than Monkey Island?


If it would be the one from Secret of Monkey Island…

Well, they are doing something with it, it seems

Lol, that’s good, everybody. Though I gotta be honest: even though it annoys me that Disney won’t do anything with the property at all (whether it be to make another game or to make a movie or to give it to Ron Gilbert or anything), other than use the music of course as Sushi hilariously pointed out, it did kind of make my day hearing it playing there like that, haha

Of course there’s this well-known(?) fact:

Yeah, though that one didn’t seem like it had much promise anyway, to be honest. Deviated too far from what MI really was

Just watch the second Pirates of The Caribbean movie and look for the similarities with MI.
There’s a few scenes that surely are taken from the MI movie plot/script.

Yeah well, there was the Maniac Mansion TV series, that had almost no resemble to the game…

Was that stuff with the waterwheel the second or the third?

The second if I remember well… it also had the Voodoo lady and Cannibals.

I see what you mean. My initial reaction was that you could argue both are reusing well-known tropes and are inspired by On Stranger Tides to boot. But then I quickly noticed… one Tod Elliot wrote both. In other words, the Monkey Island movie is one of the tightest action movies of the 2000s.

Yeah, it was the second. I remember the most obvious being Jack Sparrow entering the Voodoo Lady´s lair by rowing there inside a coffin.

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plus there’s the prisoners trying to get the dog with the keychain to come closer…
that is in ALL rides/movies/games that bear the name PotC/MI

That’s what I meant, yes.

Actually, there’s a lot of misinformation and speculation about the Monkey Island movie that might not actually be that accurate. I highly recommend reading this article from the Scumm Bar:

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Oh wow! :slightly_smiling_face: It’s been… years since last time I visited that site! Nice to see it again. Still there.

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To summarize, the most pertinent thing the article has to say is this:

Ted Elliott was never hired to write a story or screenplay to the computer game Monkey Island , not in the year 2000 or any other year.

It then proceeds to tell the plot of the Monkey Island movie, which actually sounds a lot more similar to The Curse of the Black Pearl than the plot of the games, but summarily concludes that: “It’s pretty clear that the story [of the Monkey Island movie] has little to do with Pirates of the Caribbean or the Monkey Island games.”

In any case, it’s possibly the best action movie of the decade. :wink:

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There will be a Monkey Island tv series, featuring Baby Voodoo Lady.

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