DIY: Ransom the Clown painting

Ron posted this on Twitter. I need to find a canvas and paint. Now!


Woops… double post. :smile:

Could you stop posting the exact same things at the exact same moment? :wink:

I’m not surprised that two people report some fan art twitted by Ron at the same moment. But I’m astonished that we also wrote almost exactly the same reply (“Whoops, double post.”).


You have Someone as your twin soul …

In Germany we say in such situations “Zwei Dumme, ein Gedanke” (“two dumbs, one/same thought/idea”). :slight_smile:

English sounds less diminishing… :sweat_smile: “great minds think alike”

We say: “Two is megl che one” (two is better than one)
When a commercial becomes a way of saying :smiley:

That’s most commonly used now, although the longer purported origin to this phrase, “Great minds think alike, and fools never differ.” has a different tone. Evidently the etymology of this phrase isn’t well understood. I find these kinds of language items very interesting.


I guess you both gotta kiss and sip a drink now…

The German phrase is meant ironical and in most cases spoken with a smile in the face. :slight_smile:

Of course, I’ve never heard it in any other context. But linguistics are my hobby, so I started thinking about the context of the phrase. :slight_smile: