Ransome 30 years after the Events of Thimbleweed Park

Hey, I´m not sure if this belongs in the fan art category because

  1. I´m not very good at Photoshop
  2. This is not a Photoshop it´s an actual picture taken today!


We all laughed when Max became POTUS (in the game) but now look where they are…

Well, I see he is still wearing his make-up, this can only mean one thing…

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He would be the SECOND clown President of USA. :joy:


I wonder if his staff will just consist of a bunch of white male mimes.


Thanks a bunch for @TheRevillsGames (for posting) and @David (for retweeting) for drawing attention to my little pic on twitter! I don´t know if I´m deserving of that kind of fame for something that took less than 5 minutes to do, but it´s the thought that counts isn´t it?:grinning:

Maybe I should really start to activly use twitter one of these days…

Edit: Oh what the heck, its out there now why not put it up myself? First tweet, huh? Might be my last, who knows…

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I think an instant Ransome for president campaign would be pretty useful and decisive right now… I mean Trump?!? Replace that abomination!

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I always find interesting that the word “potus” in the USA doesn’t have the meaning that it has all over the world.


It’s the medical term which defines the compulsory intake of alcohol

EDIT: I checked, it has that meaning only in some countries, including mine. Quite funny anyway :wink:

Is it latin? It sounds latin.

But I find it amusing as well President Of The United States and First Lady Of The United States becoming POTUS and FLOTUS which sounds like an old childrens fable.

… the word POTA in my dialect is a completely different thing! :ransome:

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Are you guys in any way talking about the same thing that means “puta” in spanish? Because I know what that means…

Eheh, no no, another meaning. It’s a thing that only females have :slight_smile:

Ah I see, but still a female thing, got it.

Somehow I now cannot shake the picture of Sean Spicer (wearing full make up) miming his explainations and excuses to the press! Funny picture in my head there!:joy:

Pota is argot Spanish for “vomit”

Good old times! Now he has resigned. I will really miss Melissa McCarthy in that role, she’s hilarious!

Updated version with caption by @boosegoose! :ransome::us: