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Downloading saved games?

Hi. I just finished playing Thimbleweed Park, but a lot of the puzzles were left unsolved, as I couldn’t get out of the factory. ALL of my savegames are from inside the factory, so now there is no way I can go back and play to get a better ending. :frowning:

Is there any way I can find some savegames to download?
Or is there a way to access your old savegames and replace the newer savegames with the older ones?

Hello meretchen, welcome to the forum!

Do I understand correctly that you weren’t able to resolve the stories of the other playable characters and your only save games are from the wireframe world at the end?

Note that there’s no better ending, the ending sequence is still the same even if you resolve these stories.

On which mode were you playing? Hard or Casual? And on which platform + where did you purchase the game (Steam, GOG, Windows Store, etc.)?

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Hi - I am playing Hard Mode.
The ending was okay - I wondered if there might be other endings for the other characters.
I was sorry that I couldn’t help Franklin move on, free Willie (tee hee) and help Ransome perform one last time. Is it not possible to do these things? They were, after all, on the “to do”-lists of these characters. Hope you can help :slight_smile:

Just got an answer from support. Seems I’ll have to play again from the beginning.
Is it really not possible to copy a savegame from someone else and replace it with your own? Did it a million times with old adventuregames in the past.

On how to free Willie and other things, I send you back to the hints category of the forum, and to this particular thread: How to free Willie?

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