Tasse-Tee vs TWP Hard Mode!

Warning: this thread will contain spoilers!

So I finally started playing Hard Mode of Thimbleweed Park (feat. Ransome Unbeeped)!

In this thread I will post some of my thoughts as I go along, including things that I didn’t encounter in Casual Mode / during my first playthrough. I won’t have things to say about every part of the game, so this is less of a commentary and more of a collection of ideas and thoughts.

I’ll also refrain from using the HintTron 3000, and I’ll instead rely on you guys to give me hints when I get stuck. Cryptic hints, please, to make it more fun :grin:

Ok, here we go!


So I did the sewer puzzle this time, and tested what would happen if both Reyes and Ray try to call for a second time. Here are the results:

Reyes version
Ray version

Current game progress: I’ve completed the flashbacks with Ransome and Delores. For Ransome, the only extra thing present in Hard Mode is the puzzle with the safe. Meanwhile, for Delores, in Casual Mode she knew all the answers to the test questions (if they were even part of the application at all), the printer had ink, and the empty envelope was stamped.

In both modes, you can pick up Chuck’s letter again after you’ve given it to him (and he makes a comment if you give it back again) - but only in Hard Mode do you actually need the letter after, and you can read its contents. While I was playing the game in Casual Mode I wondered if the plot would be majorly affected if Delores decided to pick up the letter again, and Chuck therefore never got to read it.

…and now I’m stuck :upside_down_face: There’s a tree blocking the entrance to the sewer, and I can’t remember how I got rid of that obstacle last time. Hint plz!



This text should be blurred

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What have you done until now?!

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Yep! Thanks to the combined efforts of @Someone, @PiecesOfKate and @milanfahrnholz :smile: :tada:

Uhh… stuff in the real world? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Think about something every LFL fan dreamt…

No, not the beeping secret of the beeping island…
The other thing…


Real world?!


But I don’t have a football…

Ahhhh, that LFL! :sweat_smile:
Umm… meeting Ron Gilbert? Nah, he’s not around at the moment.

You may want to sit down, Ema… :seat:

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Having a life? How dare you!

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You need two things.

One thing you already picked up in Delores Flashback (it´s back there again now).

The other thing you should have stumbled over before you reached the blocked entrance.

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This is not cryptic!

I was…

Think of Zak…
No, not @ZakPhoenixMcKracken!


But it´s not helping her because she hasn´t played those games. :grimacing:

Zak alone is not enough.


You know, she did not play any of those either so far! :scream:

Well, I’ve played Zak :wink: Now I understand what Ema was referring to. (I think?)
So I guess I need a map first. Oh, and I remember how to get one!


I know! But she also did not play that one either! :scream: The more I think about it, the more I realise you should play those first and only then play TWP… well at least for our hints to be of any use

And don’t forget the crystal! :joy:

Don´t confuse her, she didn´t even get my not so subtle hint!

She asked for cryptic hints, so we need to confuse her a bit too. :smiling_imp:

Anyway… reading about Chuck’s letter, I realise I pbly forgot 30% if the game by now. So my hints might be red herrings. Heh Heh Heh.


Yeah but…that´s like…if you´re asked to not put not too much food on the table because she´s not really hungry and then you also spit on it!

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