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How to free Willie?

@someone: I tried to open the jail, but not in the last part of the game. So… only Delores can actually go to the jail and open it before entering the wireframe world?

@ZakPhoenixMcKracken I´m not sure who can or cannot do it. But I did it with Reyes, because he was the one who wanted to do it. Just open the jail cell before you hand over the evidence to Natalie.

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You can only do it with Reyes since he’s the one feeling guilty about it.

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Okay, that makes sense. Never occured to me to try with anyone else, anyway.

@ZakPhoenixMcKracken: The other gave the answers, nothing to add. :slight_smile:

Just to be absolutely clear, I always assumed it was only with Reyes because he had a few dialogue options where he kept insisting that he knew Willy wasn’t guilty, and he felt bad about it. So that plot point was made clear by the story in the game.

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ok, thank you to everyone. I had tried with Delores but never with Reyes. I just tried a few minutes ago, this time with the junior agent. Nice!

God I need glasses.

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Now that I see the thread name I have to think, is this pun intended or accidental?


I think they designers already stated before that it was accidental.

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Yes, but it would be still perfect for an achievement! They didn’t add one, right?

I wonder why, since they had made so many new releases on other platforms in the meantime anyway they could have easily added another icon. Maybe they wanted to keep this a more hidden Easter egg for those among us being able to feel real guilt.


Isn´t that what hidden achievements are for?

I wouldn’t know, in my GOG version all achievements are hidden.

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Steam has two kinds of achievements. Those that are publicity on display and hidden ones in order to avoid spoilers or hide easter eggs. For Thimbleweed Park, I think they didn´t make use of that feature, though.

Same! :cry:

I thought they did. I’m pretty sure there were achievements that were hidden until I completed certain bits. Like some of the ones for finishing certain chapters, as the chapter names would give it away.

It´s possible. In general the thing with the hidden achievements is kind of averted when you look at the stats of everyone who played and it shows all of them, even the hidden ones.

There are several hidden achievements. For example blowing the mansion up was one of them. Here is a spoiler-heavy list of the original achievements on Steam.

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Ah yes.

This is the page I was refering to, where you can see all of them, even if you haven´t played the game.

The hidden ones are the ones that lack a short summary text. But you can still see the pictures and read the titles.

For me freeing Willie is not an achievement: The player decides how the stories of each character end. Willie is part of Reyes ending. You decide how you would like to bring this to an end. So for me an achievement doesn’t makes sense.

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