Edmund Mansion mansion

I never got this reference, and don’t recall any of the characters explaining it. Is Mansion meant to be another surname in the context of “Edmund Mansion mansion”?


IIRC Ron once wrote Mansion Mansion instead of Maniac Mansion on the blog (maybe we can find it) and decided to keep that for the name of the mansion.

I wrote Mansion Mansion on twitter, instead of Maniac Mansion and people made fun of me, so this is my revenge.


Right, I remember this. :slight_smile:


That is funny funny! :slight_smile:

Thanks for explaining it. I knew it was a joke, I really didn’t get it as you meant it. Like @crb, I took it to mean that Edmund Mansion was the surname, and the Edumund Mansion mansion sounded very funny. :slight_smile:

My wife and I laughed at it every time a character would say it. :slight_smile:


By the way, I saw that someone on Reddit found the actual Mansion mansion. It’s in Lviv, Ukraine… and probably not coincidentally, it’s called “House of Scientists”.

More images in


Oh, wow! :open_mouth:

Thanks for sharing it!

That was the reference art Mark used for the entryway.

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During voice recording, every actor stopped and asked if Mansion Mansion was a typo. :slight_smile:


Mark the thief. Lol. But came out quite well.

Can’t find it now, but there is an old whiskey ad that has the same view of the mansion as in the game.

The way I thought of it as I wrote those lines: It’s named the Edmund Mansion, and it’s also a mansion. So it’s the Edmund Mansion mansion. If it were a mushroom that had been named the Edmund Mansion, it would be the Edmund Mansion mushroom. Simple, huh?


That’s how I took it. Makes sense. :slight_smile:

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I thought the most sense it made in the context of “Edmund Mansion mansion library”, you know the Mansion Library of the Edmund Mansion.

But then again, have you ever said Skywalker Ranch ranch?:slight_smile:

Even if I knew about its origin, I’ve always considered the expression “Edmund Mansion mansion” perfectly logical. I’m partially comforted by the fact that other people like me have to fight every day against their own oddly-intertwined synaptic patterns.

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Well, I read on another topic somebody write “FPS shooter”… as in “first person shooter shooter”. So I wouldn’t mind about Edmunt Mansion mansion :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is the one reason I looked up this thread. :thinking:

If it’s legal, it’s okay. It’s not just a photo. Furthermore, Mark illuminated it even better, in my opinion. I like the contrasts and the colors.

Next game should include a Minor Manor or a Manson Mansion Mansion.

Okay, that sounds really scary!

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