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Characters & Their Names


I was wondering if we could explore the inspiration for some of the names in the game. I remember years ago, back in the day reading that Guybrush had occurred organically in the process by just calling objects what they were ‘Guy Brush’ in Deluxe Paint you could use brushes that were animations if I remember rightly. And no-one came up with a better one so they went with it. I remember thinking at the time I had never ever heard of someone not only called Guybrush but Threepwood?

Did anyone else spot that Delores / DE-Lo-Res
(As in Delores Edmund Low Resolution)

Anyone got any interesting name ideas?


I also think that Ray and Reyes are a joke reference to the X-Files. As in X-Ray and X-Reyes (which sounds like X-Rays)


I found it also interesting, that their initials are AR. Both of them.
Is it because they live in an

Augmented or Artificial Reality?


I’ve also wondered if they have such similar surnames because that was the AI trying to trick them into thinking they’re real. In fiction characters tend to be given more distinct names to avoid confusion, etc. “If we’ve been created, surely our names wouldn’t be so similar”.


Doug - “Diggin’!:grin:


Ron said (and wrote) several times, that the X-Files weren’t the/a inspiration for the game. The similarity between Ray/Reyes and Mulder/Scully are just a coincidence.

You should have a look at Twin Peaks and/or David Lynch movies.


I always read that as Hi-res

What about Ransome?
Is anyone called that? Or is it handsome misspelled?


I have an idea about Chuck…

Whoever gets that joke, gets an imaginary cookie. It slipped by even the Fox censors.


About Ray and Reyes…
If I remember correctly, Gary Winnick said that the names were intentionally similar (Ray and Reyes) to obtain a comic effect? To play as PiecesOfKate said? Also as Mario said they have the same initials A. R.


My hypothesis took it a step further than that, but yeah I vaguely remember him saying that on a podcast or something.


As much as like the initials/Altered Reality theory I think that may be overthinking it.


Ohhh! I think I finally get this! Is it because if you use the same rhyme pattern the previous name would’ve been Chuck’s Fuck and Suck? :grinning:


Here, enjoy your imaginary :cookie: !





Of course you would eat cookies with knife and fork!
You´re just so delightfully british!


(Sorry, that meme was a left over from another thread…)


Well at least Oreos can be dipped into the milk with a fork rather nicely…damn I wish I had some Oreos now. :frowning:


Back on-topic: Chuck is derived from Chuck the plant - and seems to be an Lucasfilm insider joke.


And I think I know how this started:



I was assuming it was from LeChuck, since they’re both antagonists.