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Ransome Lore Curiosity/Mistake?

Hi, I’m playing this fantastic game and I have a little doubt that maybe I don’t understand well. Morena curses the clown saying that he can no longer remove his makeup and that he can never abandon the old circus, right? But then… now that I’m at the chapter where I can play with the clown, why I can go out and go where I want? :smile:

It does seem that he could just take a trailer and go live somewhere else I suppose. I don’t recall the exact phrasing though. :slight_smile:

@MirkoAnn: I thought that exactly too! :grin: But it’s a game and a fictional story. There are much more movies out there with more “problems” in the story. :wink: So this beeping clown curse was/isn’t an issue for me. :slight_smile:


@Frenzie @Someone Yes! The exact phrase is “…and to roam these circus grounds until the end of time.” so initially I was really sure I couldn’t leave the circus in any way! hahaha

To be fair, his wife immediately took away all of his property except for the Aspen house that burned down. So maybe he already tried and the city immediately passed an ordnance saying it’s illegal to live in a trailer there or something. Managed to save some money and the other house burned down too. There’s a decade worth of stuff left to our imagination. :wink:

Or maybe the curse is only 90 % effective. No one said it’s a perfect curse. :smiley:

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Or maybe the whole town of Thimbleweed Park is the circus!


Well, she didn’t specify he could only roam the circus grounds for ever. As long as he returns there every day, I guess the curse is cool with that.

Yeah, just look at all those loopholes in the curses in Monkey Island!

Plus: Madame Morena is a fraud anyway.

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