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Fan-made music of Lucasfilm Games


oh my… thats perfect! love it! Julia is hired!


It seems like one specific theme is quite prominent here…

Here other variations I like:


Along the years I have watched a lot of YouTube videos about covers of Monkey Island music and the following very old video is my favorite one. It’s a piano medley of many Monkey Island tunes. :slight_smile:

Have a look at what he does when he plays the Jojo music! :stuck_out_tongue:

New version of this medley, in this playlist:


Video game music

It’s also notable that w3sp plays a lot of other pieces too, I’m especially a fan of Zelda&Co.



longuist! You joined at last! Very happy to read you here!!!:grinning:

I even figured out what your name means! Eheheh


Hey, thanks!! Its nice to get recognized after such a long time :slight_smile:
(thus my nickname?!?)
Had been busy lately, now reading the forum bottom up, so beware of future posts :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome! I also came some days late and had to read (and post) a lot :slight_smile:


Read (skimmed) the most of the forum posts. Now i’m too tired to post anything ^^


This is my favourite Monkey Island theme version, played with a harp. It’s cuddling and relaxing.


But I could be wrong… it’s just a thing I’ve found on the internet…


rofl :helicopter: (*), never stumbled across that. The etymology is perfectly right, but for different reasons. When i’m tired i talk and look like that guy, but mostly i do annoy people by talking too fast :blush:

@ZakPhoenixMcKracken Nice tune, relaxing indeed. (reminds me of the zora tune)


Nice, but as a musician I hate when they play an Em chord instead of a C in the first part.

Almost EVERY video I see does that, and it comes from one of the first transcriptions that have been put online - but it’s Em-D-C, everyone with a bit of musical ear can notice.

Edit: she plays a Em everywhere where it’s supposed to be a C. I can’t relax to such a tune :angry:


His Woodtick video is wonderful.

By the way, the Woodtick theme is what I sing to my daughters every night as a lullaby :smiley: best theme ever.

Looking up videos of Monkey Island music I remembered I uploaded a video some time ago. It’s me playing the “following the shopkeeper” theme from MI1 - it’s bad and full of mistakes, but don’t worry, in these four years I’ve become much much better at playing… NOT.

Video game music

The music in and around Woodtick is especially great and also very nicely demonstrated the power of iMUSE.

I can’t play the piano. The only thing I could play a little bit was Jojo’s tune, but even the monkey could play it better than me. Good thing I made a wrench out of him. Stupid monkey. :slight_smile:


Well, that’s nothing I really noticed, I still like it (which is why I posted it, come one @ZakPhoenixMcKracken, keep up those thousands of posts! :smile:).


You have a good “orecchio musicale” (=musical ear, I suppose)!

DZ-Jay is a pretty tough competitor :slight_smile:
Don’t tell me you are able to write a script to gather analytical statistics on this forum too…


Regarding the harp player, that’s not the only mistake she made but… I still love it, harp is really relaxing. You know, tastes… eheheh

Regarding “Following the shopkeeper”…
That’s still one of my favorites tunes from one of my favorites games! Bravo!


Not necessary, via the Users page everything is already available.

Although I thought about fixing missing timestamps, for now I’ve only made style fixes to this page :slight_smile:


Thank you, I didn’t notice that!