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Your song-of-the-day, based on your current mood



On your blog that seems to be your song of the day on every day. At first I wasn´t sure how that worked, if that changed regulary but now I´m not sure what this “currently listening to” is all about?


Oh yeah. I should update that.

It’s a text widget I added. I have to manually update it.


I still wonder what “no need to argue” is supposed to mean in that context. :thinking:


It was a reference to one of the most famous songs of the Cranberries, and a way to say that I didn’t want to talk about what happened that day.


Looking at the lyrics I kind of see now why you would think that would mean that.


My song of the day because the day started with me watching this and I finally realized what the title song for TWP reminded me of: Monte Carlo Nights!


In 9 days, we’ll do “Ready Player One” in our cinema. I can’t wait to watch it!
There are so many 80’s great songs in there, that today my song-of-the-day is one of the most powerful ones: JUMP!


Well, there might be some resemblance around the eyes notes, but that’s about it.
They are two completely different songs.


You know I love the song as the next guy, but I never got over how hilariously unfitting the guitar solo is. It´s like Eddie Van Halen (who plays the keys throughout the song) suddenly went…“wait a minute, what am I doing here? I´m an ace shredder!” -widdly-diddly-wooo- :guitar: :notes:


That solo is a nightmare. We never got it right, we wanted to add Jump to our repertoire, but…


You know what else no one seems to be able to pull off? The Trooper. Always sound wrong with tribute bands.



What satisfaction! (1991)

Translated lyrics

Mamma mia
I spent a fortune
I wanted a white Mercedes
car stereo and power steering
that high!
to take you to Mergellina
on Sunday mornings.

Mamma mia
I spent a crazy fortune
I wanted the giant TV
the motor boat
and a mistress

it’s so easy to pay
with a leasing or an IOU

What satisfaction!
how much does happiness cost?

What satisfaction!
living in this society…
you buy whatever you want.

Mamma mia
let’s get crazy!
Let’s go down to Sorrento
to have a walk
let’s buy an apartment on the sea
where I’ll be able to kiss you
stuck in the traffic of Castellammare.

What satisfaction!
how much does happiness cost?

What satisfaction!
living in this society
you buy whatever you want.



What put that in your head? Apart from me and my Skid-Row-philey-ness :wink:


That certainly helped. :slight_smile:

I´m just sitting here and DJing to myself on spotify at the moment, just putting some random songs I feel like listening to in the queue and that fit well in (I played GnR Civil War before that[which watching Captain America Civil War put into my head, they should have used that]).


Tell me your dreams

I went to see it today! It’s fantastic :smile:


Locks at clock, subtracts an hour…hmm…matinée?


Yeah :stuck_out_tongue: