Favorite non-Lucas point-and-click adventure games

Could be it, although I seem to recall there were 3 aliens. Then again, it’s a review from a magazine from 20 years ago, so I probably misremember some things.

Hey, I’m glad nobody replied with Toejam & Earl. :wink:

Loved Discworld the blend of zany puzzles and humour was spot on!

Is there a good (and possibly not super-ancient) Larry game?

The original LSL1 (1987) and LSL7 (1996) are available on GOG.com, and there’s also the remake from Kickstarter available of LSL 1 (Lesuire Suit Larry: Reloaded). I’ve played the LSL1 (back in the day) and it’s reboot (back when it was initially released in 2013). I prefer the original, but the reboot is actually well done as well. I don’t remember playing LSL7 (Love for Sail!), but the reviews on GOG look good.


@LowLevel: If it shouldn’t be super-ancient, I would recommend the remake of the first one.
The original LSL is the one I know best. Though, I also tried the sequels. LSL 7 might have been the best sequel, but, if you haven’t played any LSL yet, I would recommend the original one. To me, it’s just the one and only Larry game.

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The Sierra remakes that replace the text parser with a point and click interface and add a hilarious narrator, are actually really good.

I played the first three King´s Quest games. The first one was okay (the infinity of the map is a bit confusing) the 3rd one I hardly played because I didn´t like that timer system with the wizard at the beginning, but King´s Quest 2, I´m sorry to say is an amazing game that I thoroughly enjoyed!

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If I play LSL 7, will I find a lot of inexplicable references to the previous games of the series that I have never played? Is it enjoyable even without having played the previous games?

Make sure you check the “disable annoying in-jokes” option.
Every game has one of those, right? Right??

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I’m not sure, because it’s been a while since I played it, but I am pretty sure that there were not many in-jokes in LSL 7.

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I loved Larry 2, which I played 20+ years ago on the Amiga. But could not finish it. I suspect it is one of the games where you get stuck if you did not do something much earlier (and which you had no reason to do). But I can’t be sure. Basically, after the boat, I arrived on an island and soon got stuck.

LSL7 deserves an opportunity. For me it is one of my favorite games. A very funny game. :smiley:

LSL7 has a nice graphics and very interesting UI. But due to the lack of an objective I lost interest. I will play it more.

@LowLevel: I can recommend LSL7, it’s one of the best parts of the series (but as all Sierra games not a very good adventure game). If you play it, you should keep in mind, that you can type in commands. Don’t forget that!

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Lack of an objective?

Isn’t the whole Larry series aimed at THE objective?

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Of course! Silly me :slight_smile:

No, in Larry 2 there was this… uhm… Goldfinger person… and then there were these girls … and … uhm… yes.

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I have played it, may I answer this question?

btw: David had a cameo appearance in that game.

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I enjoyed the airplane scene in ZMKBTAS, it was hilarious. :grin:

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Yes, it is one of the better fan adventures, but the story was weird IMHO.