Frasier Crane as a Thimbleweed Park character

It’s an older fan art, but according to the search engine nobody has posted him so far:


Is that Cheers Frasier or Frasier Frasier? And could Kelsey Grammer voice himself without sounding too much like Sideshow Bob?

Maybe after he visited the Kelsey Grammar school (:arrow_left: worst in-joke ever).


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:tumbler_glass: :smoking:

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I was going for tumbleweed, there.





We need an emoji with a vaudeville cane…

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Actually I have stolen the Grammar joke:

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It´s nice that you don´t take undeserved credit for that outburst of comedic genius… :roll_eyes:

Actually I thought everybody would get the reference to Little Britain immediately. :slight_smile: (And I still have to watch the Live Show…)

I never conciously watched that tbh.

Some sketches are really good, but I can’t laugh about all of them. For me it’s a modern version of Monty Python. But I like “Come fly with me” far more.

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