Free game of the day

Tacoma is free over on Humble.

The forum search says @Someone mentioned it here: Favorite adventure game interface style


Thank you! I got my eye on it for a while.

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Oxenfree (whatever that is) is available for free, offer expires april 4:


Oxenfree is the best game of 2016, is what it is. :wink:

First TWP, now Oxenfree? Epic is on a roll. What’ll anybody even want to buy anymore?

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The Elder Scrolls III (Morrowind) is free for a limited time:

You need to use the Bethesda Launcher though… I can hear @Nor_Treblig screams already :smiley:


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I already have it on GOG, but just out of curiosity, I don’t see any kind of “add to cart” or anything? Seems a bit weird to have to log in to even see the option.

Hm. Maybe it’s “sold out”? I did not actually try to get it, but I saw the link somewhere and thought it might interest somebody over here. Too bad :frowning:!

No matter if free or not, has anybody played it? is it good?
The screenshots look nice.

Not yet, sorry. :wink:

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The Witness is free on the Epic Games store. Not an adventure game but a great family-friendly game.


This Memoranda game looks very much like a Kickstarter project I backed that was started by a group of programmers called BitByterz in Nov 2015. They successfully delivered an enjoyable game (and the other rewards) in Feb 2017. My reward was delivered through GOG and I have since completed the game. I guess the game was not a commercial success as I have never heard of the programmers since. How Indiegala (Developers?) come to be giving it away – I do not know.


that’s the thing: they weren’t! Clickbait?

That’s why I won’t join Epic Games either. Or, for that matter, any ‘free offers’ that lead to Steam.

Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots is free for one week!


Kathy Rain is free on Steam. I haven’t played that one. Looks old school and interesting and it’s not Wadjeteye made.


I bought it today on sale for $2.99. Looks interesting. Free would be better of course :slight_smile: But even for the effort I think it’s worth much more that.

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Age of Wonders 3 is free on Humble.

I bought it on GOG a while back but never really got around to playing it.

A very fun and very playable fan remake of Rescue on Fractalus
(aka Behind Jaggi Lines for some of us)

It’s been around/in development for quite some time, but only recently mentioned by @David himself.

It took me a few minutes to assign the joystick controls (they were all on joystick 0 instead of joystick 1 for some weird reason), but once that was done… WHOOOSH! Saving pilots and shooting saucers and turrets on an alien planet like it is 1984!