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Free game of the day


GOG seems to be giving away Full Throttle for the next couple of days.



Right, this was the topic. Not that one.


BUT they are giving away Steam keys, not DRM free The Hobbit.


it’s free game of the day, not DRM-free game of the day

either way: feel free to pass up on it if you don’t like Steam, Lego or Hobbits Dwarves


Or coop games.

It’s just a matter of time: The most recent LEGO game from Warner Bros was from 2012, this one is from 2014.
(The most recent game from Warner Bros is from 2014: Gauntlet™ Slayer Edition.)


It’s no LOTR, though @PiecesOfKate :wink:


Still free for another 24h (until December 15th 2PM UTC)

Since Grim Fandango Remastered was a giveaway last year, here’s hoping I can get Day of the Tentacle Remastered for free next year…


Consider it my present to you. #iboughtthemall


Hmmm, am I being tricked? :thinking: :wink:


You’ll probably play crazy-jumping Legolas in some part of the game, but since every character does crazy jumps in platformers it’ll just be regular-jumping Legolas?



Weird, GOG Connect claims I don’t have Shadowrun Returns in my Steam library, but I do. (This is purely freebie grabbing. I barely even know what that game is. Humble Bundle gave it to me for free last year or something.)


It´s pretty good.


Btw, if anyone wants free Fantasy General but nothing on sale on GOG…


I also have a Sonic Generations to give away if anyone’s interested.


Ooooo, yes please! :smiley:


I should’ve added that I got the double due to the new Sonic Bundle over at Humble. :relaxed:


FREE for a day and a half (while supplies last)

@PiecesOfKate, you know you want to!

(Makes me feel a bit stupid I got both this and the Hobbit Lego last year and haven’t played either yet)


I bought Lego Batman something or other on GOG a while back and I haven’t played that yet either. :slight_smile:

It’s not so bad if you paid only a couple of bucks.