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Free game of the day


You are trying to buy the monthly subscription. But that isn’t necessary, just an option.

If you would like to buy the bundle just click on the amount you would like to pay (for example 1 Dollar) then scroll down on the page, enter your e-mail in the input field “Enter your email address here” and click either on “Pay with PayPal” or “Pay with Card”. That’s all. After you payed, you’ll receive an e-mail with the download link. No need to register or add something to a cart.


Ok, thanks, I bought it. That was slightly embarrassing : )


Yes, they are trying to “sell” this subscription everywhere. It’s really annoying.


I briefly thought it was a flying toaster…


Don’t feel embarrassed! :slight_smile: I also got confused by that “Add To Cart” button. Most normal websites use it to sell you the thing you want, not to try and sneak in a subscription!


Jill of the Jungle: The Complete Trilogy is now available on GOG for free.

Pure nostalgia for me!


Huh, I guess my perspective is completely skewed as a customer from back when Humble Bundle was still reasonably, well, humble.

Basically the process is the same as back in 2012 (or whenever it was precisely) but then they didn’t have all the “buy the monthly bundle” and everything distractions.

Neat! I played that for a few minutes as a demo. I don’t think I liked it too much compared to Duke Nukem 2 though. :slight_smile:


DN2 (∗beeping∗ licenses) wasn’t bad too and looked cool. But I liked the slightly more puzzely approach of levels in Jill plus the ability to transform into animals.
And jumping 200 meters high.

Another game from that era and genre I have big nostalgic feelings for is Secret Agent (it’s not free though).


Practically for free at 99 cents (for another 9 hours)- includes the originals as DLC too.


Includes breathtaking 3D graphics

Are they talking about the '03 game? >_>


No idea… I only played the first two (which are considered to be great/good) before.
Breathtaking is such a relative word… “*gasp*, do you call that 3D?”

For me, Grim Fandango (1998) also featured breathtaking 3D. You know, with all the smoking going on.


I tried to play Broken Sword 3 but I never quite managed to master the controls.



Not just free today… but always free and it seems worth your time to check out:


“For a limited time, get a free copy of Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion when you subscribe to the Humble Bundle newsletter.”

Ummmmm so what if I’m already subscribed?

Edit: oh, never mind, they just hid the getting it feature.


The Adventures of Nick & Willikins

Dang, he looks angry!


you should be able to get it also if you are already subscribed :

I didn’t get the game after all, after looking a bit into what kind of game it is: “RT4X”.
RTS: ok, but 4X? Been there, done that, no time to invest in that kind of games.



Beating @Sushi to the punch today, you can get Outcast Second Contact over at Humble:


You beat me. It’s DRM-free btw.!