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Free game of the day


Thimblweed Park gonna be free on Epic Games Store after two weeks!!

TWP in the EPIC store

Hm, to bother or not to bother with that Epic store thing…


But we all have that game already. At least once!


Yeah… But still I never expected it to go free…


@RonGilbert, what’s the consequence for you/Terrible Toybox (financial or otherwise) if we would be getting extra free copies if Thimbleweed Park through Epic Games Store?
If it would be positive in any way, I’d be happy to contribute.
If not, I still have my two other copies.

Thimbleweed Park - Currently available for free at Epic Games Store

It’s probably neutral.


True neutral, lawful neutral or chaotic neutral? :thinking:


Lawful? :thinking::thinking:


That must be the second most confusing answer I ever got!

In that case I might get myself another copy*, if nothing else it’s good PR (imagine that poor free game which has only 2 downloads) but I won’t make too much promotion otherwise so future buyers pay a larger amount.

* just in case-when GOG calls it a day just as my house burns down


@Sushi Is the Epic store user-friendly-ish? E.g., do I have to install annoying software to register this free spare copy or does some kind of website account suffice?


Yes, it is annoying like hell. Like Steam with some extras just to get on your nerves. :smile:

You need an account and to install a launcher like steam. They haven’t spammed my email so far yet though.

Plus these guys are the ones who unleashed the horror called Fortenite onto the world.

I don’t know… check out their site and decide for yourself. They claim to support developers.


What was the most confusing answer? :smiley:


Do you always have to do that? :smirk:



Sure, but it seems to me that the '99 game Unreal Tournament’s last man standing mode is practically the same thing, just without the Battle Royale aspect of forbidden zones. (Although I understand they effectively swapped it from forbidden zones to allowed zones.)

Also, look at this random search result from 2003:

I’ve long believed that Last Man Standing is a very underappreciated GameType in UT. With ELMS, I have endeavored to add some playablitiy factors to the game to make it more fun.

Were they proved right or what? :smiley:




:foot: :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

(foot night)




Alright, I’ve got my free TWP. Not much use of course, but…


Shall I?