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Free game of the day

Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots is free for one week!


Kathy Rain is free on Steam. I haven’t played that one. Looks old school and interesting and it’s not Wadjeteye made.


I bought it today on sale for $2.99. Looks interesting. Free would be better of course :slight_smile: But even for the effort I think it’s worth much more that.

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Age of Wonders 3 is free on Humble.

I bought it on GOG a while back but never really got around to playing it.

A very fun and very playable fan remake of Rescue on Fractalus
(aka Behind Jaggi Lines for some of us)

It’s been around/in development for quite some time, but only recently mentioned by @David himself.

It took me a few minutes to assign the joystick controls (they were all on joystick 0 instead of joystick 1 for some weird reason), but once that was done… WHOOOSH! Saving pilots and shooting saucers and turrets on an alien planet like it is 1984!


The Dig and Fate of Atlantis are free in a Discord app (for a PC, not sure about other platforms). Once installed, go to nitro tab.

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Obduction (adventure/puzzle), free on GOG right now: