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Free game of the day


I’m not too sure about those Daedalic games but Shadow Tactics for $12 is a steal.


Ziggurat is free on Gog:


Shadowrun Returns is free for about two days:


I was just about to post that

not sure if it’s any good, but it’s free!

[edit: it seems I already got it for free in April… and Shadowrun: dragonFall -Director’s cut too]


I might actually have it for Android; I’d have to check. (I bought a couple of Humble Bundle for Android things back five years ago.)

Waking Mars was pretty neat. I also bought another one for Osmos just 'cause I wanted it on my phone too.


Huh, I must’ve missed that. Unless you mean on GOG or something?

Edit: yes, I have the gameDragonfall on GOG already; different name, probably essentially the same game.


I’m not too sure now… I see I have purchased some games on Steam all on the same day. And Shadowrun wouldn’t be a game I’d pay money for. So probably it was part of a bundle.
found it! 1 Euro for Broken Sword 5 and Tesla effect bundle with these two.


Broken Sword 5 is a game I’d buy — bought — on GOG in a Broken Sword bundle. One of those where it doens’t make sense to only buy three out of five 'cause it’s the same price, so I’ve got Broken Sword 1 & 2 on GOG and Humble.

I also seem to have something called Shadowgrounds.


heh… I have the DELUXE DLC now for that shadowrun… still it’s in my “free category” = games I will play only once I finished all the others I paid for.

I have Broken Sword 1 - 3 on CD and 4/5 on Gog/Steam


I borrowed 1 & 2 from the library around '01 or '02. I seem to recall dying in #1 (luckily I’d saved just prior) but try as I might that didn’t happen in the remastered version. :stuck_out_tongue:

At first I had some graphical glitches in Windows Me but I somehow managed to get it to work anyway.

for $1 only…
24 games including especially Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, a game by Bill Tiller (the artist of Curse of Monkey Island) that does remind of another certain piratey adventure game…

… with more cleavage :wink:

It got only average reviews, but for $1 you really can’t go wrong… if only to admire those beautiful backgrounds.
And you get 23 other forgettable games too.

I'm Jumping Ship

But only on Steam - isn’t it?

After reading several posts from you, I really think that you should take more of your pills. Or less if they have a blue color.


I see a person reading something written below the man’s chest.
It’s an unnatural position, though…


I’ve not got the cleanest of minds but I don’t get what I’m supposed to be seeing…


Beggers can’t be choosers

Well, excuuuse me. Don’t read my posts then. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, but I just want to get sure that I haven’t overlooked something.

That’s impossible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A game for all Anglophiles and/or tea-drinkers out there… for only 0.49 EUR for the next 20 hours.


Yeah, but it’s not a great game. But for 0.49 Euros one can buy it.


Commandos 1, 1.5 + 2 for only €1 !
also includes commandos3 and 2 other games (not sure if those are any good)


for those who would still not have them all in their collection…
for the next 38 hours still still
4 Lucasarts adventure games for €2.69, that’s €0.68 per game and more than worth the admission ticket !!
(individually the lowest price you can find these is €0.89 per game)

Indiana Jones and the last Crusade
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
The Dig