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The 2018 what are we playing thread


I thought it would be fun to create a thread where we can all post what are we playing this year. The idea is to edit the post at the beginning of each month with what you started and finished playing and some short comments on why you started the game and what you think of the games you finished. I’ll start with mine, please share yours.



  • Thaumistry: In Charm’s Way - I always wanted to try interactive fiction in digital form so this is my first (this was @besmaller recommendation)

  • Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy - Same as above. I’m also curious to see how I will feel about it, it is the first time I’m playing a game based on a book I read before.

  • Thimbleweed Park - Enough time passed since my 1st playthrough (with no arcades). Plus this time I’m trying the Android version.

Finished: none yet!


I’m playing The Darkside Detective.

Same here. :wink:



The Wizard Sniffer: Unique text adventure where you play as a pig, with very few ‘verb’ choices, just a sniff, take (1 item at a time), and a few others I can’t remember right now. The game is well put together, excellent puzzles and great humor. First place in this year’s IF Comp.

Eat Me: Another unique, and well written text adventure (so many good one’s coming out of IF Comp this year, this one was second place). Very different game play, and the name is somewhat of a hint. Worth trying.

Maniac Mansion: I’m committed to finally playing this game now. So glad for the recent re-release which makes playing it much easier. I’ve only just started (already 2 players locked up…). We’ll see if I can do this without hints.

Darkside Detective: I’ve finished the first two “Cases”, and now I’ve been inspired to finish the rest, with the release of the new bonus case (Buy Hard) released for the Holidays.


Harmonia: Online text adventure. No text parser, just links. Some links lead to these nicely animated side-page notes, others allow game progression. More a story than a game, but really impressive. Incredibly well written. I recommend checking out the other projects by Liza Daly as well, she’s done some very interesting things. Third place in this year’s IF Comp.


Hint: with two players locked up, you can escape. With only one player locked up, you can’t.


I´m playing The Pillars of the Earth.


Good idea! I hope you like Hitchhiker’s Guide. I got really stuck a number of times and gave up for the time being, but it was a good, witty game.


Monument Valley 2
Maniac Mansion

The Cave
What Remains of Edith Finch
Maniac Mansion


The Secret of Monkey Island
Midnight Scenes: Highway

Thomas Was Alone
Midnight Scenes: Highway


So, if any of you two get stuck in Maniac Mansion remember to ask this guy for help:






Next someone photoshops me on the milk carton in the Quickie Pal…


I am playing Duelyst and Tumbleweed.


I will play The Wardrobe.
A point & Click adventure game full of references to movies, games, and so on.



Started/ongoing since last year(s)

  • Machinarium
  • King’s Quest V
  • Jedi knight II (outcast)
    (The list is too long, I’ll try and focus on those first)


None, yet (I did finish Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons last month, though)
But my kids finished 1 Pajama Sam, 1 Putt-Putt and 1 Freddi Fish game last week.



  • Machinarium
  • Midnight scenes (the highway)

Started/also ongoing:

  • Diablo I (as a wizard- I did finish it long ago as a rogue)
  • The last door season 2
  • Midnight scenes (the highway)




Layers Of Fear
Resident Evil Biohazard
The Evil Within 2
Axiom Verge
Slain: Back From Hell


Layers Of Fear
Resident Evil Biohazard
Axiom Verge
The Evil Within 2

Gave up on:



Started: Doom (2016)
Finished: Doom (2016)


Resident Evil Biohazard VR
Doom VFR
Skyrim VR



None yet


Resident Evil Biohazard VR (and all DLC)


Looks interesting… Let us know what you think.


Will that even work? Checking some older posts of mine, I could still edit one dating back to November, but not an old one from May.

Anyway, so far started

  • The Lion’s Song: played the first chapter so far, love the art style, made three popular and two unpopular choices.


  • The Witcher 3 + DLCs (after about 8 months). Liked the Hearts of Stone DLC best, with “Dead Man’s Party” being the best quest of any RPG I ever played :slight_smile:.


Still no DRM-free version in sight :frowning:


You’d have to change your post to a wiki post.


That´s a bummer. It´s real good. A lot harder than Metroid though because the enemies only rarely drop health and disappear for longer times. So no farming possible.


ah didn’t know that! well we can either reply with the update or follow @Nor_Treblig suggestion.


oh that looks interesting.